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Review by mary123 on 2007-02-01
I have been a Smith's patron for over a decade now, and most likely will continue to be in the future. I just have a few complaints, that probably happen at other grocery stores as well.
1. They start scanning my items before I have a chance to enter my fresh values (discount card) card, which leaves me wondering if I was charged the correct price for those items.
2. Nearly every time I shop for my groceries I am over charged a few dollars! It really upsets me, because I try to watch what's going on, but they go so fast (which is a good thing I suppose) and I miss a few items along the way. I have even questioned the price of an item and they assured me that the discount would come off at the end of the transaction, and it didn't. This happens to me so often.
Once I went in for a large haul of groceries, and I purchased a toothbrush that was on sale for $2.99. The others of this brand were all $5.99. Well, it rang up for $5.99, I questioned it, so she went to check the item tag. When she returned to me she said, "Oh, well this isn't on sale, the sale ones for $2.99, so these were put in their place." Shouldn't they have taken down the $2.99 price if we were being charged $5.99? This is just an example of how they trick us customers, and that we really need to inspect our receipts, every time!
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Posted by mary123 on 2007-02-01:
"...the sale ones for $2.99 are out, so..." Sorry
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-04:
Hi mary123, the first thing is usually the way the machines work they deduct the discount last. Not to say they always get it right.

The second thing is YES, when they do things like that it is fraud but they count on people not doing anything because it is such a small amount.

Very good review.

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