Crestwood Hospital, Huntsville Alabama Complaint - Was not given good treatment

Review by marty1 on 2007-02-02
HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- On January the 31st I fell coming out the back of crestwood hospital down some concrete steps that had no hand rail. I am 67 years old and was carrying MRI films I had picked up for my husband. I lost my footing some way and could not catch myself, had there been a railing I would have had hold of it. Never the less they took me to ER because I was bleeding from ny mouth for I had busted my mouth, also my right knee and leg was bleeding it had split my pants, my wrist was bruised as was my shoulder and it broke my glasses I also have a black eye from the glasses cutting my face. They x-rayed my knee and my wrist and nothing was broken, so they proceeded to discharge me without so much as cleaning the blood from my face or leg not so much as a cotton ball with alcohol, nothing, I asked them if they were not going to clean my wounds and they informed me that they had given me a tetanus shot and no they were not going to. I did get very hateful to the nurse at that point and she let me know that I had no right to be rude to her so I told her if she would get out that door she would not have to worry about me being rude to her. They refused to pay for my treatment or my glasses even though I was hurt on their property.

Which was not why I am so upset I am upset because they did not try to give me any treatment or console me in anyway the way you would think a hospital would. I have a Daughter who is an RN in Birmingham at Shelby Baptist and she is just blown away about the way I was treated. I guess my feelings are so hurt that I want the world to know what kind of treatment that Crestwood gives, I will never be a patient there again unless I am unconscious and an ambulance takes me there. All my friends are just appalled by this disgraceful treatment and we all plan to back Huntsville Hospital with everything and in everyway we can.

Sincerely, Martha Thompson
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Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-02-02:
Talk to a lwayer and get those bills paid. They were 100% WRONG.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2007-02-02:
Did they fill out an accident report form? You need to contact someone in their Risk Management Department. My other question is, where you using a public exit or an employee exit? I can't believe they didn't have a handrail. No one is going to comfort you or apologize to you when (1) they dont' want to do anything that could possibly be construed as an admission of liability and (2) you admit you were rude to the nurse. YOu get more flies with honey right?
Posted by rnick821 on 2007-02-02:
I cannot believe that the insurance underwriters for any building with public access would allow a stairwell leading to/from an entryway to not have a handrail. Of course, I'm not there, but it just seems so unlikely. If this is truly the case, I would pursue some sort of action.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-02:
I don't think we are hearing the whole story, here.
Posted by tigerfan on 2008-02-05:
I cant figure out where you mean because as a former employee I know there are no stairs in the front or back of the main building. You step from the pavement up onto the curb, cross the sidewalk, into the building. There are also the wheelchair ramps at each entrance which can be used so you don't even have to step up. If you came to the ER you assumed responsibility for the bill. If your injuries were serious enough that management had been called to assist you and they offered to take you to the ER that puts it in a
different light. I also know that employees constantly have customer service encouraged, taught and rewarded. But that doesn't mean that mistreatment by patients has to be tolerated. Perhaps you contributed more to your experience than you acknowledge.
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-02-05:
bursted, broked. I feel your pain, but sorry I just had to laugh at those.

Good luck getting this resolved and keep on them.
Posted by onlyinbama on 2012-07-14:
My mother was a patient last week. She had neck surgery and was treated horribly during the night. I dont know where to start to file complaint charges against the night shift nurses. It was truly. The only way any of us will ever go back is if she unconscious
Posted by Crestwood does not care on 2012-11-27:
I went into the ER knowing something was REALLY WRONG. I COULD NOT EVEN SIGN my name and they lady kept telling me I HAD to sit down. I was holding onto the window counter with all my might. So when I had to sit down (clue #1 I could not rite my name)I fell down in a seizure fractured my jaw and broke out me teeth. They did not have the decency to help me pay to fix my teeth and billed Medicare for it to boot.

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