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Review by usmcsister79 on 2007-02-02
VACAVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- My Fiance and I recently purchased a Ford F-150 from Vacaville Ford. We purchased it on November 24, 2006. We received a call on December 1, 2006 that the contract had to be redone because of financing, 2 weeks later we received a bill from the new finance company stating that they wanted the first payment on the 24th of December, which was also the same day Vacaville Ford wanted the 1500.00 down payment. So we called Vacaville Ford to discuss that the payment for the truck was suppose to be on the 8th of January 2007. So to help us, Monica, Finance Mgr, told us that we could make the down payment in three (3)Monthly installment of 500.00 on the fifth (5th) of every month to help us out. On the 5th of January, we made a call to Monica to find out if the payment was received, which it was, then we made a call to Bruce Bodie (payoff dept), to make sure that Vacaville Ford was going to keep up on their part of the contract, to payoff the 2006 Chevy Colorado which was our trade in. After 4 days straight of trying to contact Bruce Bodie, there was still no return call. So we talked to Bruce's Supervisor, to find out why the call had not been returned, when Buce's supervisor proceeded to tell us that were not going to pay off the chevy colorado until we payed the whole down payment. So meanwhile the finance company for the colorado was calling wanting the money for the truck, we told them it was not in our possesion any more we traded it in. Vacaville Ford had not made any attempt to get a payoff for the Chevy Colorado, since November 25,2006. Nuvell (colorado finace company) proceeded to tell us the reason they had not paid off the colorado was because we have not been approved for a loan, which is a bunch of garbage because we have already made two (2) payment on the Ford F-150 and working the 3rd payment!! On the 20th of January we sent them the remaining balance of 1000.00. On the 24th of January, we spoke again to Bruce, he said that they were making sure the funds were good, I paid them with money orders!! Still Nuvell has not had a request for pay off for the Chevy Colorado. So as of this moment we owe 2 payment to the colorado, which is not in our possesion. Also, they have the Colorado on their website for sale. How do you sell a car that has not been paid for yet?? please anwser this one!! I think this is a very bad way of doing business. I do not recommend anyone to purchase a car or truck from Vacaville Ford, as they will take your money and Run!!!
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Posted by Sail27 on 2007-02-02:
You may have been the victim of a scam called "bushing" (apparently - short for "ambushing"). In Washington state, dealers have three banking days to accept or reject your offer based on financing. Check with your laws in CA. November 24, 2006 was a Friday, and Dec 1, 2006 is also a Friday.. this is five banking days. Check with your attorney general as to the laws in your state. There's a really good (albeit a bit dated) story at this link: Good luck
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-02-02:
Sounds shady but since dealerships are well known to be...I would never have made a deal with them in expectation of them following thru in paying off my car if I opwed them $. Your financial transaction should have been done when you finished signing and took your new truck home.
Posted by Emmyjune on 2007-02-02:
There should have been paperwork that the dealership had you sign stating that you were trading in the Colorado. It would have had the mileage of the trade-in, the VIN #, the account # with Nuvell, and a payoff good for TEN days. The dealership should have gotten this information at the time of the deal. They are obligated to pay off said vehicle within ten days at the amount given. If not, they are responsible for any difference. Since they have not paid off the vehicle, and are giving you the run-around concerning your financing and down payment issues, it seems to me they did not hold up to their legal end of the bargain. I would go IN PERSON to the dealership and demand to speak with the GM and the owner of the dealership if possible. Tell them that they need to settle this matter immediately, or they need to refund you your money and give you back your trade in. This is VERY shady on their part, and I am so sorry you're dealing with this. Unfortunately, Nuvell's hands are tied because legally, the truck is still in your name and as such, YOU are still responsible for the vehicle's payments. They have no choice but to report this to the credit bureaus. Once you get this straightened out, I would write a letter to the 3 major bureaus (return receipt certified) and ask them to remove this from your credit report. Explain the situation to them. Since you have already been financed on the F-150 and have made THREE payments, and completed your down payment, they should have paid off the Colorado long ago. I'm curious though, what bank do you have the F-150 financed with? Where have you been sending your payments? A little more information, and perhaps I can help you more. My knowledge is based upon GA law, and there may be some differences in CA, but I will help as much as I can!
Posted by lepearso on 2007-02-04:
Why did you trade in a 2006 vehicle? Why especially did you trade in a 2006 vehicle when you did not have enough money to make the down payment? If I had been in your shoes, I would have driven the Chevy Colorado at least a couple more years!

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