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Review by Malibu on 2007-03-07
NEW YORK -- Family Equine Service of Central New York advertises that their child safe horses are child safe, they offer trade in if for ANY reason a horse you purchase from them doesn't work out, encourage buyers to call with any questions, all horses are extensively ridden, crosstie quietly, are round penned, and are sold with up to date shots and coggins. BUYERS BEWARE!!!! We purchased a horse from them for our 8 year old daughter; this horse is anything but child safe. He was sick the first week we had him with diarrhea (water). When we contacted them to inquire how he adjusted when they first purchased him, she was rude. We were told at the time of purchase they would send us the shot record and coggins. We contacted them when he collicked at the request of our vet who needed to know what shots he had, and we were rudely told he had the 3-way shot and if he had more shots we would have paid more for him. She wouldn't tell us the date the shots were done or who the vet was that administered the shots. We purchased this horse 10/01/06 and after numerous phone calls and Email correspondences we still DO NOT have this horses shot record or coggins. The first time and up to a week later this horse panicked when he was put on cross ties. He had no clue what the round pen was. When I called them about the cross ties and the round pen she stated "if a horse doesn't like it don't do it". She admitted to us he had not been in a round pen with them. A later Email from her husband stated he did round pen the horse. WHICH ONE IS IT? These people advertise honesty and integrity is how they do business and have the audacity to state their Christian values stand by themselves. TO KNOWINGLY SELL A HORSE AS CHILD SAFE THAT ISN'T AND JEAPARDIZE THE SAFETY OF A CHILD IS INEXCUSABLE. NOT TO MENTION NOT PROVIDING THE "EXTENSIVE" TRAINING THAT THEY ADVERTISE THEY DO WITH ALL THE HORSES THEY SELL, AND PROVIDING THE UTD SHOTS AND COGGINS. Anyone purchasing a horse from this dealer would be smart to have a vet check done and realize that once you purchase the horse you are stuck with it.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-04:
Wouldn't you always have a horse checked out by a non-biased vet before you bought it? A horse is an animal and they can be quirky, if you put your child on a horse before you have had experience with the animal and are aware of its nature, why is that the seller's fault?
Posted by Skye on 2007-02-04:
I totally agree with amani. You cannot just take the word of someone. A horse is a living thing, and not a car. You should of had your own vet check this horse out first.
Posted by Skye on 2007-02-04:
Also, have you considered the fact that taking the horse from it's familiar surroundings, he/she can act different? It's a living thing, with feelings, and needs time to get to know you. I think you also took a big risk allowing your child to get on the horse, as amani said, before you had any experience with it. Horses can become depressed just like people when they aren't happy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-05:
Obviouly, you are taking your responsibility to your child to someone else. Is this story even true, for all we know you could be making this up because you can't pay for the horses food, or for the stable fees. Perhaps you are hoping your story will make them take the horse back. Also it seems you are expecting the horse to he treated like an object instead of a living thing. Perhaps that is why the horse is angry. How are you taking care of it. Maybe you are doing something wrong.
Posted by imadown2earthgirl on 2007-07-29:
Posted by imadown2earthgirl on 2007-11-01:
YES-BUYERS BEWARE! They have been sued in Ithaca Town court on a few occassions- IN THEIR OWN WORDS VIA EMAIL: One suit was for $20K because the horse they sold bucked a guy off and hurt him. Another horse dropped dead during a "birthday party". Yet another one "went blind". Get a load of their NEW customer testimonials they posted on their website. One horse they sold had an ear infection, she also got her leg caught in the round pen and flipped out, and yet another one- the horse sat down whenever they tried to pick up her back feet. How sad is that? Civil suits are public record, as are complaints made to the AG Office or CPB. Many people buy horses from them off their website and Family Equine delivers the horse. Its just AFTER the horses are delivered that the new customers find out the horses have vices or are sick. If ANYONE buys a horse from them- DRIVE to their farm first-

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