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Review by slugg113 on 2007-02-04

I've been here for a while. When I researched this place from out of state, you're portrait of yourself was a nice, drug free, crime free place...A place who charges a fee to check the background of anyone applying..

I've been here for almost two years.....And I can tell you, you have not done your job!!!! This is a high priced, drug rink....................the whole place is nuts...shootings, beatings, robberies, and break ins..............In my back yard, or next door...........Trust me when I say...I can't wait to give notice!!!!!!!!

I have friends in several of you properties. And NONE of them would recommend you....The Schools are bad. Really bad. Bad to the point a kid can't make it through his freshman year without getting peppered at least twice, just because he's in the vicinity of a fight!!!!!

My kid was an honor student. A kid who minds his own damn business. Only concerned about his grades and becoming a marine biologist......he was after his advanced diploma!!!!!!!

We have 4 months left.....I hope he makes it through!!!!!! He hates every day....and I'll be damned if I let him sit out there at a bus stop, like a duck in a shooting range...............

Weinstein properties in the Hampton, Newport News area........is a lie....all you have to say about schools, and properties, is a lie....do some research!!!!!!

You're Motto should sound more like....If you can pay, we'll find a way to let ya in........If for only a month!!!!!

If you have a kid that has the slightest interest in school.....this is not your place!!!

Mother of a hopeful student.
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Posted by Emmyjune on 2007-02-05:
Personally, I would have done a little bit more thorough research ASIDE from what the REALTY COMPANY claims. Of course they're going to tell you what you want to hear: they want to make a sale! I'm sorry you and your son are suffering, and good luck to you in the future.
Posted by ncoclub on 2011-01-27:
My brother is a real estate broker...NEVER use one to rent a apartment!!! Why? They make NO MONEY on the transaction so there is NO incentive for them to find you a quality rental for a good price!

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