Adriatic Services Complaint - False promises to get me to buy a store

Review by it hurt so bad on 2007-02-05
I was looking for online income. I was called by a sales person about opening an online adult store. Im sure the salesmen all use the same line to get you in. Adult stores are the best money makers on the net. I wanted it under my boyfriends name even though I was gonna run it being he is a home owner. I wanted something easy. I said I dont have much computer knowledge . That I was disabled from a head injury long ago. They assured me customer service would help me learn what I needed to do. So I agreed on a $529 store front. Less items. But after I agreed to it. Looking it over I had second thoughts being I didnt understand anything I was surpose to do. Didnt even have my store yet and had second thoughts. I wrote customer service asking them to cancel. Never got an answer so I wrote them again. Eight days later I see, your web site is up. So I wrote them again. Finally I get a call back. They talked me out of backing out and conning me out of another $1000. I made them aware I was disabled from a head injury and I have a hard time learning things. And Im slow. The sales persons name was Chris. I said ,I dont understand computers. I don't know what anything means, I dont understand how to advertise I need to cancel. He then says something about Trump. How he paid advertisers or something to make him rich,and for that extra $1000.00. which now totaled over $1500.00. Said for that extra 1000.00 They would do the advertising for me. Asked me how much I wanted to be making. I said,a couple of thousand a month. He didnt tell me I wouldnt be. He lead me to believe I was getting this $4,500 package for $1000.00. That I would only have to do the emailing being I knew how to email. They gave me a google site . A free google site. That is my advertising I paid the extra $1000.00 for . But was getting a special deal that would of cost me $4,500. I bet they dont even have a package for that price. I think I was conned into giving them more money. They knew I wasnt gonna have one visitor at my site. My google site has an error on it. I called customer service for help to understnd it. I was told they were to busy due to the valentines holiday comming up. My store had been up since beginning of Jan. not one penny made. My daughter wrote a letter to them. No response. Another person Mark I think his name was promised to help me. Made mepromises a few times. Never kept his word. Chris is advoiding me. Im sure he knows he scammed me. So here I sit in tears. Taking money from my bf who has been on same salary for over 20 years. Oh the sales person knew that too. That is alot of money to put on our card assumming the store which is the biggest selling item online and they were gonna do the advertising for us that we would be able to pay our card back by that. The store hasnt made a dime. I just cant believe they wouldnt let me cancel and talked me out of more money. When they know im disabled and that my bf doesnt make much money .
Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2007-02-05
Posted by Shakra on 2007-02-05:
At any given point, you could have said no. You call to cancel and you buy more of their services. The problem isn't them, it is you. Just say no.
Posted by S on 2007-02-05:
I know it is hard to say know when a smooth talking sales guy is pitching how you can make so much money and how easy it is... It is unfortunate that you got roped into spending more. I'm not sure exactly what business you purchased, but it might be time to cut your losses and just walk away from it... Unless you have something in writing that states you are guaranteed to make X dollars, you may not have many options at this point...

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