Time Life Complaint - Unauthorized bank deductions

Review by dgm on 2007-02-08
HENDERSON, NEVADA -- After deducting money for a cd i ordered,not only did Time Life deduct more funds,unauthorized from my account,but also from their website,another co."Reservations Rewards"is now deducting out of my account and tells me my "membership" that i was not ever exposed to any info.about,was initiated and this is what funds taken out of my account are for. This to me is a wake up call,and i would like everyone to be aware of their ability to do this.Now my bank wants to show them respect by letting them have the "oppurtunity" to correct" this. I can not put into words how violated I feel. Deb
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Posted by SAJ on 2007-02-08:
Unfortunately, in the fine print of the original order you authorized this. You need to contact TimeLife and tell them to cancel your account immediately. This happens way too often when companies add language that most consumers never read and/or understand.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-02-08:
I just reviewed the "Terms of Use" on the TimeLife website. There is no way I would ever transact business with them under their stated terms on the web site. As a matter of fact, their terms are so one-sided a good lawyer could probably get it declared unenforcible. However, the reality is it is not economically feasible.

As SAJ says, cancel the account ASAP. You might also try to dispute the charges with your bank. Good luck.
Posted by Nohandle on 2007-02-08:
I learned my lesson with Time a lot of years ago. They at least didn't have access to my checking account or credit card. Like a bad dream, they won't go away. What's that battery commercial...it goes on and on and on?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-08:
This, yet again, points out why you should *never* give your banking information to any creditor. Once you have done so, they have free access to your money.
Posted by dgm on 2007-02-08:
I appreciate all the response to my review.It helps just to know that "someone is listening.I'm new to online ordering,so this wake up call,has made my experienc very short lived. All I did was order the cd.That was it.There was no small print to read,or even expect that any other transaction would even be possible by them.I did let my bank know and they say "WE HAVE TO GIVE THEM TIME TO CORRECT THIS".Boy,maybe someday they will give their customers the respect that the banks give them?Time Life says "they were just trying to help me "add to my collection".Guess we will see what happens. Thanks to all. Deb
Posted by kck on 2008-02-21:
I just went through the same thing. I only ordered one cd but they started sending cds and charging my credit card. What gives them the right to do this?

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