George Harte Infiniti Complaint - Extended Warranty not valid

Review by rugby on 2007-02-15
WEST HAVEN, CONNECTICUT -- In 2003 we purchased a used 2001 Lexus RX300 and the extended warranty for $1500 from George Harte Infiniti in West Haven Connecticut. The warranty we purchased was for a further 60,000 miles (giving us 100,000 miles) or 48 months which ever comes first. The salesman did all the paperwork (reams of paper as we also took finance on the vehicle) and we left. The warranty was with "Automotive Professionals Inc" avoid them like the plague!! We have an oil leak and took the vehicle in to be repaired under the terms of the warranty as we are only at 80,000 and we were told that the warranty is void as the salesman filled in the NEW car warranty side, not the USED car side of the paperwork and it expired at 60,000 miles. The dealership is basically saying that as we signed the paperwork, even though their salesman filled it in and signed it as well, we are at fault. The warranty company is also saying that there is nothing they can do, even though the paperwork is for a used vehicle and they accepted the document showing the vehicle as "NEW". The only solution the dealership can come up with is for us to pay another $445 so we can purchase 20,000 miles of insurance. I recommend that you READ everything the dealership shoves at you and that you do not trust this dealership to complete any paperwork correctly.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-15:
It gets even worse, your warranty company has just went in collections, with bankruptcy to follow
Posted by Emmyjune on 2007-02-15:
I don't think it's fair that they have you backed into a corner like they do, but you said it yourself: ALWAYS read everything before signing it!
Posted by rugby on 2007-02-20:
I cannot find where API are in collections per the comment by "dealerdirect". Where did you find this information?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-21:
Rugby: they sent out notification to their reps last week, and yes they have filed for bankruptcy
Posted by uvebeenscrewed on 2007-03-02:
They have not filed for bankruptcy as far as I know, but have passed everything into a creditors trust. They are absolutely screwing everyone blind. People who filed for Guaranteed Price Refunds are not getting paid at all. Claims are not getting paid for contracts underwritten by Marathon. Emails are being ignored and voice messages are simply being deleted. Voice messages passed into the regular API phone numbers are sometimes recorded to paper (name, contract number and phone only), but anything being passed into the Marathon que is ignored.

It is bull, they are crooks. And they continue to do business and sell warrantys as IWS (Intercontinental Warranty Services). In fact, they are still selling warranties as API to certain dealers.
Posted by bish777 on 2007-03-23:
I have found another number for API a local number : (847) 252-8002

I found it at http://www.nrra-usa.org/service_directoryresults.asp?ID=16483

Every owner of an API contract that is being screwed over by these people (including myself), and even owners that have API but have not had to use them yet should all be contacting these people VERY frequently.

Last I heard from the owner of the dealership that sold it to me (so take it for what it is) API is out of business, Marathon, the insurance backer for my particular contract, has all its accounts frozen. "Apparently" at least 2 other insurance companies (Travelers and Allstate) are trying to buy the Marathon policies out. It was SUPPOSE to happen around the begining of this month (March) but no go as of yet.

On a side note: I signed onto the API website which is still oddly up, and found that even though API has requested a FULL teardown of my engine (which I am still so far stuck with the bill on) and never sent out an inspector, the website says that on 3/6/07 an inspector was sent out and the claim was denied. Oh what fun. I already have a written statement from the head mechanic saying that no one has even come out to inspect the vehicle. (Oh and my vehicle have been there since 01/22/07, over 2 months and is just in peices now). I can not afford to wait and they should not have requested any work knowing I would have to pay for it since they were going out of business.

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