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Review by kluv on 2007-02-15
OCALA, FLORIDA -- On Jan.13 my fiance and I met with Clay at the site by the Moose Lodge where he parks his Black Chrysler 300's in Ocala Florida. Clay seemed very respectable and was very professional with his laptop he checked the availability of the 2 Black cars he showed us and stated they were both available for our wedding on Feb.3,2007. We went with the more expensive of the two costing us a total of $414.00 for 3.5 hours of service. We gave our debit card to put a $100.00 deposit.
Clay emailed us a receipt on the spot, we shook hands. I offered to email directions to our home since we lived in a remote locations and later did. I also contacted his office and changed the pickup time to 12:15 on our wedding day as I had a few changes arise and needed to be a little early to have my makeup done. On our wedding day at 12:30 I called Clay to see if the driver was haveing trouble finding us since he was already late he hung up with me to call his driver and returned my call to let me know he was still a half hour out and that he was in Las Vegas when I called his office to change the time and things always get messed up when he goes out of town. I waited on the Limo and 30 minutes later a Cream colored Limo arrives instead of BLACK that we ordered. When I called back to ask why the car was black Clay responded that I was lucky to even get that one. We go to get into the Limo that had just been washed and the water is still laying in the door jams and the inside had been wiped with a wet cloth that was obviously was dirty. My wedding gown had to be rolled up and held up at my chest as to not get it dirty. The driver was not provided with directions to the Church which Clay told us was not needed so the stereo system that we paid extra for could not be used since I had to tell him where to go on our 45 mile ride (and did not have the upgraded system we paid for) when I called Clay back to complain about the car now not only being cream and not black but dirty and no directions he stated " what the F--- did I want him to do now!! I told him I was not going to argue with him and I would have my fiance call him. My fiance called him and he refused to have someone come clean the car during our ceremony and refuse to change the car out. The driver than told my sister that he did not work for Clay that he worked for Pronto and they had been hired because Clay overbooked. My sister than called Pronto and they in turn got a three way call going with Clay and Clay responded that the driver could just leave and that I was lucky to have had a limo even show up that he overbooked and since he was the only company with a Black Chrysler 300 there was no place else for us to get one from and I should be happy with what he sent. The man from Pronto Limo refused to have his driver leave and apologized for the wet dirty mess and also stated he would send us a $50.00 gift card. We never heard anything more from Clay only recieved our emailed reciept from Clay for another $314.00 more.
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Posted by DORCAS on 2007-02-16:
First of all, Congratulations on your wedding. That sounds like something you hear about on People's Court. You may want to give a small claims court a try since they did not deliver what you ordered. I do give props for the limo company you did have, at least refusing to leave you in the lurch. Also, you would think they would have some type of GPS system so they wouldn't have to bother the customer with directions. That sounds more like a taxi cab company. Pass the bad name around as much as possible and I really meant it, go to a small claims court for at least a partial refund of what you didnt' get from them plus anxiety. Judge Joe Brown does alot of anxiety cases. Do it, Do it, Do it You'll will something. Enjoy your new honymoon together dear. And get tough, there can be alot worse things that could come along through the years and you better be ready. lol!
Posted by StretchLimo on 2007-02-16:
Read your contract Kerry. Does it say anything about a black or white limo on it? What you ordered was a 2006 Chrysler 300 and that is exactly what you got. So, do us all a favor and stop trying to claim that your wedding was ruined because the car was white and not black. Who uses a black car for a wedding anyway-unless your going to a cemetary to get married. As far as the other limo was concerned, I don't own that car, but I do know first hand that the car is new and would never be sent out dirty. This was just another ploy for your to get something for free. Had I done what I normally do, this would not even had been an issue. As I told you on the phone, the black car was overbooked and normally we would call you and let you know the situation and cancel your reservation. However, I thought I was doing you a favor by finding a comparable vehicle(THE EXACT SAME CAR IN WHITE) so that you would have a limo on your wedding day. Obviously this was a mistake. You had the option to refuse the car and the service when it arrived and recieve your deposit back, however you did not. You proceeded to use the vehicle, but complain about every little thing you could find, then expect it for free. Let me ask you something. If you go to a dealership to buy a car is there a difference in price for white verses black? If you were so unhappy why didn't you refuse the car. End of story. Believe me when I tell you, there are hundreds of other stories out there of limos that did not show up at all, and left the passengers stranded. So, referring to my comment, "you should be thankful to have a limo," I was meaning that it could have been much worse if you would have used some of the other services out there. Also, about the limo being late. You originally set a time of 1pm, then you called back at the last minute to change it. You told us fifteen minutes early (12:45pm). Now you're saying you told us 12:15pm. Do you even know what time you told us??? Also, do you think we are just sitting around doing nothing? We have other commitments to keep when you give us a time. We work around that time. You can't expect us to change everything around at the last minute. It doesnt work that way and if you dont provide us with complete addresses to where you're going, how are we supposed to know where to go. We don't read minds. And please, Kerry, don't insinuate that I used profanities on the phone with you to exaggurate this post. THAT NEVER HAPPENED! Also, if you would have been a little more open to discussion and not so demading and ugly on the phone, maybe we could have agreed on a compromise. But we do not respond to threats and untruthful posts on the internet. I would be careful about what you post, keeping in mind we do have an attorney on retainer to handle situations like this one. Only state the facts not lies. Customer satisfaction is our #1 Priority, and agian if I would have known that the color was such a problem for you, I would have made other arrangements-but we have never had someone so upset about a white limo for a wedding.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-02-16:
I see that Stretchlimo aka Clay came on here to defend the complaint against his business. I would normally think that was great, but, what a pompous ass. Clay's statement "You had the option to refuse the car and the service when it arrived and recieve your deposit back, however you did not" is 100% brainless. What person in their right mind who's waiting for a limo to get them to their wedding is going to refuse the limo! Of course she took what came...she had a wedding to get to! We don't know about the other details, but if the other limo service offered a gift card for a dirty car and kept their driver there, I would say that Clay has a lot to leanr about his bsuiness. DON'T overbook Clay. It's so simple yet you don't get it.
Posted by StretchLimo on 2007-02-16:
rhondam, obviously you dont get it I made every effort to get a limo to their wedding when I could have easily cancelled the job and sent nothing like most every other company would have done the only reason that the other limo was their was because of me!!!!! I sent it to cover the job! Now would you rather of had a white limo or nothing???
Posted by Shakra on 2007-02-17:
You were contracted to get a limo there. If this person had cancelled when the wrong car arrived, you would have kept his deposit. I hope he sues you.
Posted by DORCAS on 2007-02-18:
Good points rhondam and Shakra. And what does it matter if the bride wanted black. It's HER day. If she wanted purple she has that right and it's not for the limo company to decide otherwise. And I can't believe Clay thinks he's doing a big favor by at least getting a limo instead of letting her do without. What a bonehead, that's what the bride paid for...a limo! No favors seen here. Bad business people. And for Kluv, I just love the almost threat of not being able to post your woes on the internet because they have lawyers. Big deal, so do most people. I still think this would be a great court case. Let Clay pay his lawyers for this. He'll probably end up paying more in the long run for his stupidity and poor business tactics.
Posted by jgardner on 2007-02-19:
Who cares you are all a bunch of cry babies, I agree that clay maybe should have contacted them to let them know about the color thing, however would it have mattered at that point, if he was overbooked then he was overbooked they still probably would have used the limo. I have a friend that got married last year and the limo they ordered broke down 10 minutes later and the company did not have another limo but in the contract it stated "not responsible for breakdowns" so no refunds due, yea they could have went to court over $300 and spent more to get nothing in the long run, The point of all of this is why get so pissed off about a color they did send a limo and completed the job. Maybe a discount was in order but how was that approached? I would be happy to have seen my friends have a limo ride at all. So give the guy a break we all know that this is not a perfect world, if it was then we would all have wings and a halo over our heads! Why not be pissed at bush for not bringing our troops home.

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