American Suzuki Corporation Complaint - After market parts/ accessories

Review by sidekick1998 on 2007-02-18
MISSOURI -- I have purchased three brand new Suzuki Sidekicks in the past.

First one was a 1989 Suzuki Sidekick. I was satisfied with this car.

Second one was a 1995 Suzuki Sidekick. I was satisfied with this car.

Third one was a 1998 Suzuki Sidekick. This was the worst car I have ever owned.

Concerning this third Suzuki Sidekick, When buying new cars, I will NEVER purchase another Suzuki product due to the way I was treated by the originating dearlership, and all dealerships involved and the corporate company, American Suzuki Corp.

I contacted the Corporate Office of American Suzuki Corporation many times only to get rude and obnoxious remarks from the secretary , Manager, and CEO. They got to where they would hang up on me every time I called. THIS SOUNDS LIKE CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR A THIRD TIME BRAND NEW SUZUKI BUYER.

I will make this as short as possible.

I purchased the 1998 Suzuki Sidekick Brand New from Suntrup Suzuki/Hyundai in St. Louis, MO metro. I ordered on the Suzuki dealers invoice I wanted an in dash CD Player and Air Conditioning. I paid extra for these items. I picked up the car and drove it back to Kansas City, MO where I resided. You would think that if you went to a certified Suzuki dealership and ordered on a Suzuki Dealership invoice a CD Player and Air Conditioning and signed off by the Authorized Suzuki Dealer that you would get genuine Suzuki Parts installed by an Authorized Suzuki Mechanic on your brand new Suzuki Sidekick that you just drove off of the lot. SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!

After about a year and before the warranty was up the following happened.

The CD player would not eject and the air conditioning went out. I took it to the nearest Suzuki dealership in Kansas City to get it fixed under warranty. To my surprise, the dealer stated that this is not under warranty, THE CD AND THE AIR CONDITIONER IS AFTER MARKET ITEMS AND IS NOT A SUZUKI PRODUCT. I drove it back to St. Louis, MO (250 Miles one way) and waited approx 7 hours while my car was tore apart to have the warranty work done by the installer that Suntrup Suzuki contracted with to have the after market AC repaired. I drove it home that same night being exhausted and the AC went out again with in a couple of weeks. I took it to a nearby generic auto repair shop and paid out of my own pocket and it worked great from then on. Suzuki nor the installer of the AC would pay for this repair.

At about 24000 miles and still under warranty, the check engine light would come on and stayed on for the remainder of the cars life. I called and or had it in every dealership in the Kansas City, Metro Area and it could not be fixed. The Suzuki dealers tried to fix it and when the warranty ran out after 3 years/36,000 miles, then the dealership wanted to charge me. I refused to give up.
I contacted all the following dealers and none could do anything about the check engine light.
Jeremy Franklin Suzuki
Stadium Suzuki
North Towne Suzuki
Olathe Suzuki.

The diagnostic reading from the check engine light was always the same which showed air flow constriction. Even the Electronic Control Module was replaced.

The car had been in the shop many times for the check engine light during the warranty period and after. I finally took it back to Jeremy Franklin Suzuki and they said it would be fixed. They said they would change the Exhaust Gas Regulator (EGR), oxygen sensor, some vacuum hoses, and some other items. I TOLD THEM UP FRONT THAT I WANTED MY OLD PARTS BACK AND IF THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT COMES BACK ON I WILL NOT PAY THEM. They kept my car in the shop for a day and then charged me $750 which I put on my Credit Card. I drove it approx 45 miles and the check engine light came on.

I informed the dealer that they did not fix my car and they proclaimed that it must be something else and that I needed more work done.


I kept all documentation for the entire time of the ownership of my car and I disputed my credit card charges and got a FULL CREDIT of the $750. This was due to the dealership not fixing the problem and documentation was sent to the credit card company. The dealership was out $750.

I was always told by these dealerships that after market parts may void the warranty. This is not true. Just as long at the part meets SAE, Standard Automotive Engineers, it is just as good as the manufacturer. If the part you purchase at the local auto part store has some kind of SAE, OEM, or Other indications of approved standards, then don’t let the dealerships fool you.

** NOTE** The day I took my car into Jeremy Franklin Suzuki (previously Pete Franklin Suzuki), I went to O’Reilly’s Autoparts to see if I could purchase a Electronic Control Module, ECM, for my Suzuki and of course it’s a dealer item from what O’Reillys told me. As I was walking into O’Reilly’s, an O’Reillys employee was walking out of the store with a big box it tote. We exchange hellos and I held the door for him. After inquiring about the ECM inside, I then left O’Reillys and headed straight for Jeremy Franklin Suzuki to try to get my car fixed. As I was walking into the service department, low and behold, I hold the door for the same gentleman from O’Reillys that deliver car parts, You know the same one that I just seen and talked to about 20 minutes ago at O’Reillys. I headed to the parts department of Jeremy Franklin Suzuki to ask about a ECM. To my disbelief, I actually see the parts service guy taking out auto parts from the O’Reilly boxes and putting these same parts in little white boxes with the big Suzuki S on them. You know the big S emblem that is on the front of every Suzuki Automobile. You know after all if you go buy a part at O’Reillys and it fails, then that part is NOT a Suzuki part and your warranty may be voided. DON’T BELIEVE ALL THIS BS YOU GET FROM ANY OF THESE DEALERSHIPS. STAND YOUR GROUND.

In the mean time I wrote the Attorney General of Missouri, Jay Nixon. What a waste of time. He can sure penalize those NO CALL people, but he doesn’t do much of anything else. I did get a generic letter back stating that the originating dealership that put all of the after market CD Player and AC on the vehicle was NOT in violation and I should hire my own attorney. I contacted many attorneys, but there is none out there that will make any effort into actual litigation. These attorneys are looking for easy cases such as documented lemon laws and you better do all of the foot work for them and they wont take the case.

Just wanted to let society know.


Remember if a repair shop doesn’t take some form of credit card, then go to some place that does to protect yourself.

Ron Huckaby
Kansas City, MO
Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2007-02-19
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-19:
You do realize that the reason you drove 250 miles and waited 7 hours for the AC to be fixed is because no other Suzuki dealer would work on it because it was an aftermarket system. Therefore your warranty on your AC system was voided through Suzuki. Kinda shoots down your theory, huh. What parts did you see being put into Suzuki boxes? From experience I can tell you that it is not uncommon to order non essential parts such as nuts, bolts, valve stems, etc. from local suppliers and put them into factory boxes. Why? because the boxes the manufacturer supplied were nice boxes for storage, but we never represented these items as factory OEM products. Telling people that aftermarket parts will not void your warranty is very dangerous advise. Yes, you can use some aftermarket items without worry, but it is the exception, not the rule. If a failure happens as a result of an aftermarket componet, guess what is not under warranty!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-19:
Gee, it's 2007. When did all of this happen?

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