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Review by dinah on 2007-02-25
CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA -- I would recommend not buying from this dealership based on my experience. However, if you must give your business to them, please do your homework before setting foot on the lot. Research, know the numbers, know the lingo. Knowledge is power and you will need it when dealing with this business. I was very close, but did not end up purchasing from Greenbrier because I felt I was manipulated, lied to, and my intelligence insulted throughout the entire negotiating process. Why do I feel like that? Because I did my homework and came to the dealership prepared. In the end I just couldn't do business with them. I beg you to please go prepared! They will run every trick known on you. So know what those tricks will be before you go and be prepared to negoitate your way around them, through them and over them if you want a decent deal. Good luck and remember knowledge is power.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-26:
Maybe you could elaborate?

Posted by vajohn1308 on 2007-08-11:
I agree completely with the comments about
Greenbrier dodge. mine are not on the purchasing end. The salesman that i had went out of his way to get me a good price and also to help me with the screwups that started from the gitgo.
Bait and switch was done to me with the extended warranty options. I was given options, of which i chose three. They quote prices and I agreed to them. About a week later i looked at the printout and no costs were listed. I got a bill for them shortly afterwards from Chrysler for the charges and i decided to double check on them on the paperwork i got from the dealer. No prices were listed but i noted them down on the back of my original docs. They did NOT jive. The ones quoted were quite a bit less than what i was billed for. So i went to the dealership and was so angry that i told them i wanted ALL of the extended stuff removed totally and for them to correct the situation immediately. I was todl that i WAS given pricing and they pulled their paperwork out. I looked at the sheets and then produced MY copies and the difference was obvious. Their printout had prices printed and mine did not. How can a COPY not be a copy when things are purposely omitted. I believe that is called fraud WHICH i mentioned to them forthwith. I was told that the sales rep i dealt for the extended warranty services with was no longer with the dealership. I asked who could help me and nobody seemed to know what to do. My salesman saw me at the help desk and also noticed that i was VERY agitated and angry and we talked about the problem. He went with me me to the assistant manager of the dealership and stayed with us until all the extended warranty options were removed completely. THe assistant manager told me he ws sorry for the situation and sent me to the service manager, and at the insistance of my salesman gave me 3 free oil changes and two free detailings for my truck.

Second problem was i opted to purchase a tonneau cover for my 2004 Dakota. Paid for it them waited and waited and waited. Got fed up after 5 calls to them about waiting this long and being given the same story. "it's on order". I went to the dealership in person again. When my salesman saw me come in he came over to me right away and asked what the problem was. I told him and he went along with me to the parts dept. We both found out that the part had been discontinued over a year before. I paid in advance for the dam thing. He pressed the issue with the sales dept rep and i was written a refund check right then and there.
NO apology was given about this obvious miscommunication/ total screwup between parts and special order dept.

Third problem. When i went to pick up my truck, they did NOT have the color right on the registration. Mine was black they had it listed on the registration as blue. Again when i went to get this corrected my salesman saw me and assisted me once again. It took Greenbrier almost a month to get the color corrected with Richmond VA. DMV headquarters. Again no apology was given and i was really ticked off at the attitude of the people i dealt with to get this corrected because their attitude was that they were doing me a FAVOR by correcting this problem.

So as you can see i would never recommend this dealership to a single person ( unless i hated them and wanted to get some payback from them ).

My recommendation is Green Gifford for Dodge sales/service. period. They are great in all departments and really take good care of their customers the right way.

P.S. i take my truck to a local treadquarters for all but warranty covered service. All reputable places use the same manuals for periodic service/maintenance schedules. I keep up with mine and do the 3000 mile or three month oil changes as habit.


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