Spence Cafe Complaint - Harassment

Review by CoatGirl on 2007-02-28
WEST CHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- The food is okay. They charge for every soda you drink (at least at Denny's you get free refills). They claim to be a fine dining restaurant, which I find hard to believe if they charge for each soda. Service is so so and I am amazed based on management that they are still in business. In my most recent visit when I was charged $ 7.50 for soda, I questioned the charge...the response was less than expected. Actually, the response was that you don't get free refills at a convenience store. I guess no one told the bartender that we were at a "FINE" dining restaurant. Anyway, I was highly upset and did not leave a tip...normally I tip 20 % or better. What happened next was so shocking that I am still astounded, the bartender chased me out in the parking lot and was yelling at me and calling me vulgarities. I basically walked away but before I did - I said for her to tell her manager that they can get the tip out of the sodas they charged me for. She said she was the manager. I then tried to call to talk with the owner and she said he was not in and not to call here anymore. I called later in hopes to get his/her name and she told me his name and told me not to call back anymore. Normally a story only has one moral, but this one has two. First Moral, which is for the restaurant owner - If you are a restaurant owner and you want to consider yourself a FINE dining restaurant - two things are involved here...you don't charge for refills and you screen your employees to hire the FINE ones...you know ones with manners and couth. Second Moral, which is for the Restaurant Patron - If you are looking for a a good restaurant in West Chester and you are thinking about this one, remember the local diner has free refills and I can't recall the last time I even needed to speak to a manager at a diner let alone be chased out by one.
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Posted by heaven17 on 2007-02-28:
Wow, instigate much? They can charge however they like as far as the food and drink are concerned, and you can choose to eat elsewhere. Sounds like you just like to stir up trouble.
Posted by CoatGirl on 2007-03-01:
No I don’t like to stir up trouble. I paid my bill and left. I did not say anything additional to anyone. I think it is a consumers right to know – that the manager chases people out of the restaurant like a wild animal. Over not leaving a tip, I think that would be a little psychotic....a little crazy. A little anger management classes would definitely go a long way for this manager.
Posted by Skye on 2007-03-04:
Why do you think you are entitled to free refills?? You really are all riled up over this soda refill thing aren't you??? You need to get out more, if you think fine dining is all about free refills.
Posted by Skye on 2007-03-04:
I also agree with everything heaven17 just stated.
Posted by CoatGirl on 2007-03-07:
Perhaps you did not read the message....if you READ the message - you will see that I was upset about her brash rude response. It was uncalled for and then the angry bull chased me out of the restaurant (Obviously some people are low class). The one part I do agree with regarding Heaven17's comment is I can chose to eat elsewhere, which is exactly what I have done. With regard to your statement about getting out more - I do quite often. I have never in my life been treated this way EVER. I kinda find it humerous how people respond to the whole situation and their focus is on the refills. Obviously not fully reading the post!

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