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Review by bynymeans on 2007-03-05
MESA, ARIZONA -- The only way I would suggest you use this company is if you really hate your existing furniture. I hired them to move me from Arizona to Colorado. They hire contractors to do this. The contractors in Arizona were 6 hours late, rude, and destroyed (yes destroyed) my furniture before it even left my house. They didn't pack half of it (big stuff, TV,s lamsp, coffee tables, etc) and the dissassembly was a joke. They had no tools with them (??) and I had to give them mine. They literally ripped apart my beds and my office furniture, rendering it now useless to me. There is no way these can be put together correctly anymore. Once my stuff got to Colorado, those contractors brought in my furniture in pieces. I filed a complaint and claim with the corporate office in February. I have made 2 attempts to get status, and both times they promise to call me back and never have. I will never use this company and strongly suggest that nobody else does, unless of course, you want to redecorate your entire home.
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Posted by Skye on 2007-03-05:
That's a shame. I used Allied movers when I moved from New York to Colorado. This move went so well. All my stuff was already packed and boxed up, all they had to do was wrap the furniture. Then they delivered it all in one piece to a storage unit till I got here. Did you have insurance??
Posted by Skye on 2007-03-05:
Wanted to add, sounds like it's time for small claims court. Really sorry so much damage was done to your stuff. Also, make sure you take pictures, which I'm sure you probably have. Stay on top of this, and don't let them get away with ruining your property.
Posted by natasha_s_ on 2007-10-10:
We are going through our own nightmare with these guys (Trans United Van Lines, based in Pacoima CA). We were moving from California to the East Coast.

To make it short, our stuff is in public storage at our expense (even though the contract says we have up to a month of free storage and redelivery). We already payed full price but still don't have the key or even the address of the storage. They refuse to redeliver so we'll have to pay for storage and redelivery ourselves.

It takes weeks to get in touch with them. They don't answer emails or calls and are very rude. Not to mention that only ONE guy came to pack, disassemble and load our furniture.

ADVISE: Try filing a claim through Better business bureau webpage. They already have 17 complaints and D rating, and it looks like most of the complaints were granted.

We'll file once (if...) we get our staff back and can calculate the damage.

Posted by natasha_s_ on 2007-10-10:

If you'd like to exchange tips on how to get back at them, feel free to contact me at natasha_S_@hotmail.com

Posted by bynymeans on 2007-10-10:
Thank you all for your comments. To answer the questions, yes I did have insurance. EXCEPT...when I took the pictures and filled out their report to file it, AND overnighted it to them with signature required...they ignored me for 4 weeks. I called every day for 4 weeks. Finally they put me on with the owner who said the check should have already been mailed. He would check. This same conversation went on for 3 days. Then after threatening him with an attorney, the check miraculously showed up in my mailbox. OH, but wait boys and girls, it's not that easy. There was a letter attached saying that the weight I listed on each item (which is the same weight they had used on their sheets) was incorrect. They knocked the weights down by half on everything and sent me a pissy check that didn't even pay for one piece of furniture. Natasha, I will be emailing you!! Tell me what you got!

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