SSMF INC Shutter System Manufacturing of Florida Complaint - Inefficient and unprofessional hurricane shutters company

Review by nanapop on 2007-03-05
AVENTURA, FLORIDA -- After researching and calling several hurricane shutters companies which were loaded with orders (in the post-Katrina Florida) and giving us 2 to 9 months waiting period for installation of hurricane shutters,we were finally relieved to find a company that apparently was big enough to manufacture their own shutters and deliver them in until 6 weeks after obtaining the permit in the city of Aventura, where we live. In July/2006 we contracted the SSMF(Shutter System Manufacturing of Florida) and were happy for having our hurricane shutters installed in 2-3 months, still in the hurricane season.Well,after signing up, our nightmare begun. In spite of being constantly trying to keep in contact with the company,our calls were almost never returned and the chaos seemed to have taken that company,since we hardly were able to talk to the same person twice.Eight months later we are still waiting for the installation!We had people from the company remeasuring our windows twice due to the data they sent to my city wasn't properly done and should have been updated.In the city of Aventura (where me and my husband have been several times)we were informed that the SSMF was supposed to send reports made by an engineer and they didn't have one(which was confirmed in conversation with one of the owners)and while they don't send , we can't have the permit.Already tired of the situation and after consulting the Better Business Bureau report, we got surprised for the other 38 complaints against that company in the last year(they weren't there when we first consulted the BBB before contracting SSMF!!),many of them regarding delivery issues.I tried , then, to contact one of the owners to try to get a refund so I could be able to hire another company ( more recommended).She told me that she didn't have the sum (about 4,100 ) in her bank account at the moment and that she would be compromising herself personally to have my shutters installed in 4- 6 weeks from that day(03/02/07) and she would be sending a letter by fax to my husband's office describing our agreement.Well....The letter wasn't sent and after spending the whole day today on the phone trying to reach the office, nobody picks up the calls!!!I'm afraid not to see any shutters or my money back, then..What to do??!!...Here I leave my complaint ,suggesting that NO ONE that wants to have his shutters installed in peace hire this company for the job!!!!

PS: The most amazing is that they keep advertising online in many website as if they are excelling in professionalism(What a joke!).
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-05:
I honestly do believe there is a lot of rip-off's going on with ANY 'hurricane - safety' related items. It's sickening the amount of money you spent. You might consider (I am NOT being rude here) buying some plywood and a saw, and, at least putting up a form of protection when you need it, yourself. I would premeasure, precut, and store the items, along with a drill with a good bit and battery.

I once had a neighbor buy (no kidding) particle board to board up his windows. Guess what happened when the first rains hit?

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