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Review by jeeplover on 2007-03-05
Cascades Lodge
58 Old Mill Rd.
Killington, VT 05751

On 2/16/07, President's Day Weekend, my family and tiny dog checked into the Cascades Lodge for our annual ski trip. This was my 5th time at Killington and ooglith ski vacation.

We had prepaid the room in full, reserved as a pet room, for our 4 day stay and had a written confirmation for a pre paid room with ground level outside access for the dog, and 1 queen and 1 double bed.

Immediately upon checking in, after a 7 hour drive being weary, Pia, the manager started harrassing us. She told me we were charged the wrong price and if I did not pay we would be forced to leave without refund.

She then put us in a smelly, soaking wet room with major leaks/sopping wet carpet from the snow outside and bedding smaller than contracted. We reported this damage as well as a hole in the door immediately. We asked for another room without a mold smell and wet floor, with the larger bedding we paid for. She would not give us the room we purchased and she barged in and covered the floor in bath towels. They quickly soaked and turned from white to brown and our feet were always wet. She told us to go to another hotel if we wanted a dry floor, but no refunds, as they would not give us another room.

She patrolled our hallway and would stand there listening to us talk and ask what we were doing and tell us what to do and remind us of the rules we were not breaking all during our stay. She knocked our door at night and told us she found more charges and was charging my card and to leave it we don’t like it. She yelled at us for not carrying our dog to the exit to relive himself outside because our room doors were blocked to the top with snow (which was melting into the room). We asked for the manager, she said she was it. We asked for the owner and she said she was it. We were helpless as she had our money and all hotels were booked. We were 7 hours from home.

Even in the restaurant and pub she patrolled it, hands behind her back, marching, staring at us, never backing off from the time we checked in until he time we checked out.

We are a mature, settled, established family with 2 pre-teen, very calm girls. We have never been treated like 2nd class citizens in our travels, being ripped off with over $700 in additional fees, and segregated into a damaged room. We expected this last to occur in Vermont.

The icing on the cake, after I was home and filing complaints with everyone I oucl and disputing the charges, was they (Amy) sent me a letter that the carpeting and towels on the floor were wet from our dog peeing on them and they charged $150 to clean the towels. Now we reported the leak from the snow drift, and the manager saw it, and our 5 lb dog did not pee in the room and if he did it is so small you you wouldnt see it.

So they charged me $150 for the snow leak they caused by not clearing the snow from the sliders.

What a HORRIBLE hotel. I travel a lot and let me tell you, a budget inn is the 4 seasons compared to this place.
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Posted by Emmyjune on 2007-03-05:
Wow. That sounds exceptionally awful. Why do you think the "manager/owner" fixated on your family and harassed you the entire time? And why in the world did you stay? I realize she had your CC number, but what was their policy on cancellations? I would have left, called my credit card company and told them I would NOT authorize any charges from that place, and fought it to the death. Even if I had to pay a cancellation fee, I would have.
Posted by Emmyjune on 2007-03-05:
**Even if I had to pay a cancellation fee, I would NOT have.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-05:
If your room doors were blocked to the top with snow and you could not let your dog out to pee, how did you get into the room?
Posted by Nohandle on 2007-03-05:
SloMo, if I read this correctly the snow was blocking the exterior entrance of the room not the interior hallway entrance and Emmyjune I think jeeplover stated this was the only place to stay at that late date.

Jeeplover, there seems to be a great deal you are leaving out of this complaint. Why would the owner patrol the hallway outside your room and then follow you into the restaurant to do the same, and chose only your party of four? I think we are all curious as to exactly what was going on at this place.
Posted by Shakra on 2007-03-05:
You should have taken pictures of your room and the various trouble spots. That would help your case a lot in getting any kind of recompensation.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-03-06:
I would have called local police. She was fardulently charging your card, harassing you, and patrolling your privacy. Sounds like an overreaction, but maybe it would have shut her up. At the very least... I would have cancelled my card if I had to in order to avoid more charges being added.

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