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Review by Pissed @ Yahoo on 2007-03-07
SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA -- Business/Professional Name: Yahoo. Inc
701 First Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1019
(Yahoo Map)

General Information

Original Business Start Date: March 1995
Local Business Start Date: March 1995
Principal: Terry Semel, CEO
Phone Number: (408) 349-3300
Fax Number: (408) 616-3702
Membership Status: Yes
Type-of-Business Classification: Internet Products & Services
Website Address:
Telephone Number: (408) 349-1572
Business / Professional E-mail Address:
Person whom you dealt with: Chester
Online Tracking Number: CU-07-0306120541,
Complaint Description: On or around 1.4.2004 my wife and I purchased a Yahoo Premium account for our email. The benfits offered greatly impressed us with the spam control, disposable address, notepad, bookmarks, calender, event notification and such. We tied our lives into this with unfortunately no back up. We logged appointments, e mail addresses, birthdays, addresses of friends, family and loved ones. Online account links with passwords such as banking, utilities and a host of others. We intergrated the calender into our daily activities and bill pay. I became unemployed and have been in constant email communication for a wildland firefighting positon within the state of Arizona and another position for a local newspaper as a distribution manager. Both positions that I had interviewed for and under active consideration and both being done so through our email account I was on several jon posting boards such as,, and a host of others active and emailing me daily about job offers and potential Interviews. We also paid for a website at where we place videos and hundreds of digital images of my our family for our extended family parents, grandparents and brothers and sisters who reside out of state. Needless to say just the html required to write the pages alone took hours to complete and again neither was backed up. I awoke on Tuesday March 6th to find our account disabled and deactivated the message was Sorry, this account is not recoverable. Your account has been flagged or deactivated by Customer Care. You can continue to try to access your account, visit Password Help, or contact Customer Care. I called the customer service hotline after a 23 minute hold time I advised them of the issue I spoke to a Chester who I would assume by speaking to him was not from this country and was advised that to his records we had violated the Terms of service so our account was closed. When I asked what we had actually violated he stated that he could not tell us since they had no access to that information. This email was only used for that reason email nothing else where is that a violation of their TOS I went over the entire TOS as did my spouse and found nothing that we could see in our actions as a violation. I asked why we were not notified we had our lives tied up in that one email address he said that he did not have access to that information. I asked if he could just enable the account for an hour so I could retreive the needed information we had left on our Yahoo home page he said no, I then asked for a supervisor and I spoke to a Leia again I believe of another country because of her broken english and accent she refused to assist me any further stating I needed to go to and inquire there for awnsers. I checked our online images which too is also deactivated. We have lost years of digital images, email addresses, our daily lives from birthdays to anniversarys, to appointments, to bill payments, to actual financial loss since potential employers can not contact me for job offers pending. I am filing this complaint with you and the Attorney Generals Office, The Better Business Bureau and The Governor himself , Arnold Schwarzenegger . I want to know why after explaining my issue to them I was not allowed to access my account to retrieve what it has taken me and my spouse years to aquire. Why were we as paying subscribers not allowed to be contacted if it was felt we were violating their TOS so as we could correct the issue? I also have a website which we used the disposable address as a point of contact for customer support, billing and payment which now I have to take hours upon hours to re-write while substaining a financial loss from any potential subscribers, or un-awnsered complaints.
Purchase/Incident Date: 03/06/2007
Resolution Wanted: I want a refund on the money charged for services that were discontinued by paypal and access to our files, addresses and other information held within my email old account and online hosting service both provided by Yahoo. like a.s.a.p This is causing both personal and financial loss and hardship we have lost addresses, birthday information phone numbers of friends and loved ones that some we will never be able to recover, Banking passwords, Child support information such as account numbers and information required to fufill my responsibility such as account numbers..
List of Supporting Documents: Banking Records to confirm purchase of services
Have I filed this complaint before: Yes
Agency Information Case # 264356 Better Business Bureau of Silicon Valley
Name: Bill & Teresa Kettler
Comments:3 Replies - Latest reply on 2007-03-07
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-07:
One thought, maybe a spammer spoofed your address? Made it look like you were spamming? You might want to have a local attorney walk into Yahoo and see what can be done in person? Or if you have a friend in the San Jose area have them walk in the front door for help?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-07:
You might want to post your story at Someone there might be able to point you in the right direction to contact Yahoo.

It is sad to hear that you have lost years of personal data. Unfortunately you relied on one source to store your stuff. I always advise people to create a backup of some sort, be it a CD or even a flash drive, That way there will always be a way to retrieve things.

I did a google on your name and one of the listings is described as photographs. Clicking on that link gives If that's yours then it appears to have been hijacked.
Posted by Pissed @ Yahoo on 2007-03-07:
Screensavers of the southwest used to be an old website of mine, once I closed it I redirected any open links to my current project

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