BRK Food/Deli Complaint - Discrmination in a Grocery Store

Review by Feed up with Discrmination on 2007-03-07
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Upon entering BRK Food/Deli in Chicago the merchant was stocking items on a shelf. He continued to stock items while I waited @ the front counter for his assistance. Granted I stood there at least 2 minutes. When an asian woman came in the store, he stopped what he was doing and came around to the counter. I proceeded to hand him a sheet of paper for lottery tickets, although I had some candy items that I had placed on the counter to purchase as well. The asian woman had 2 beef jerky items.

Perhaps he thought it would have been quicker to just get her out the way. But perhaps if he had stated or asked me if he could take her first, I would have been a little more understanding. I might have said ok. But he never gave me that opportunity.

The merchant proceeded to wait on the asian woman, and I stated< "that I was here first." His only comment was "lady." I stated, "that it then shouldn't matter to you that I would not be in this store again." He just dismissed me.

It just makes me angry that discrimination exist amongst india merchants so readily. White americans perhaps don't experience this with these merchants, but black americans do. I'm just feed up with going into a store where there is an indian merchant, and this has happened more than once at least to me, and they will proceed to wait on the white client and expect me to just stand there until they are finished with them. Protocol is first come first serve.
I've spoken to other black americans, and they have had the same experience with these merchants. I don't think it even matters to them about what a black american thinks, or if they realize what they are doing. I just find their discrimination so odd. I think with their experiences in their culture that they would be more understanding about being treated fairly, but then I think everyone should be treated fairly.

The underlying veil of racism exist all cultures. I wanted to write a complaint about this incident, because I am just angry. I'm feed up with this behavior from anyone. Just didn't know where to turn.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-07:
Racism is bad for ANY business, FD. Why didn't you politely ask the "Indian merchant" to ring your items up BEFORE the "Asian lady" came in or even leave the items on the counter and leave? I am guessing that this was a little corner store, right? Sorry that this happened and this is the place to vent. Lottery tickets and candy vs Beef Jerky? Good luck in the future. This too will pass.
Posted by heaven17 on 2007-03-07:
I have to wonder if he even knew you were waiting. I'd have said something like, "Excuse me? Hi! Just wanted to check out, please." Then if he made no move, there could be a problem. This may sound odd, but I think it's good for the straight white population to get a dose of discrimination once in a while. See how the other half lives.
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-03-07:
But the other customer was Asian, not really white anglo. You're saying Indian merchants discriminate against blacks over even other minorities. That sounds racist itself, and bring up whites when they are not relevant to the story also is suspect.
Posted by MrNigel on 2009-06-04:
I'm white and my local 7-11 Indian merchant treats me like a king, I like it

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