New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Complaint - PAA List 2543-How NYCHA is Pulling a Fast One; Or Should I Say Slow One

Review by prcalmb4storm on 2007-03-08
I want everyone reading this to know how conniving NYCHA is at handling this eligibility list. Those of us still sitting on the list can tell you that as sure as I am writing this on 3/8/07 that the last person NYCHA certified from this list was #38 back in July 2006. The list itself was established 6/16/04 and is scheduled to expire on 6/16/08. Yet, Idling NYCHA is still on #38 with the same tired claim that there are NO POSITIONS available for a PAA title. Well maybe there would be PAA positions if they would stop handing out "change in titles" as if they were "get-out-of-jail-free" cards to employees who they want to keep in certain depts. Some of these "change in title" employees were actually provisional PAAs but will probably not be reached as quickly so NYCHA keeps them under the radar and in their current departments with their current salaries. Then as soon as their list number is reached, if it ever is, NYCHA will conveniently just change their titles back to PAA as if nothing ever happened. NYCHA also has the audacity to close a line when there is a permanent PAA who leaves the agency or promotes into another level or title. NYCHA cannot deny these are things they have done. I want NYCHA to know that although they are "legally sloppy" at best these lousy practices which they are so very good at is disabling the rest of us who are on the list patiently waiting to be called from taking promotional exams because we are not eligible (example: Administrative Manager Exam 6520; Filing period 3/7/07 to 3/27/07; Exam Date June 16, 2007). NYCHA knows that we will probably not be called since they continue to sheist the people on this list. NYCHA, I can only hope those of us on this list are a thorn in your side enough for you to wake up, get us out of your hair and GET THIS LIST MOVING because those of us who didn't get pampered by you and worked hard to place well on the test don't deserve what you have been doing. STOP being so deceptive and start hiring from this list of eligible candidates!

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