PAC-2000 Informative - Vendor Shipped Wrong Product Blames Customer

Review by BillC on 2007-03-08
WOODINVILLE, WASHINGTON -- I ordered and received product just fine. My problem with PAC-2000 was simply related to the fact that I received product I did not order. I ordered a TV Stand and received one from the correct vendor, but not the model I requested. When I contact vendor he gave me attitude suggesting I was wrong and he could not have possibly made this mistake. Below is our on-line chat dialog (I am you):

you: Sorry the message I sent lost all its formatting. ok
you: Problem in a nut shell is yesterday i received wrong Bello product. Received PVS-4218, ordered AVS-2752HG ? what does the box say? there is a model No. on it.
you: PVS-4218, but i did not notice until completely unpackaged. there is NO such a PVS-4218
you: Product is similar I'll did not look at box until I was looking for additional pieces. there is no such a product ever made by Bello. period
you: But there is check the Bello website. I've seen the pictures. Somehow your warehouse must have received by mistake. I don't have to becuase we know we do not sell it at all.
you: This is Richard I am the person who packed your order
you: I am Bill I know ,100% for sure, I ship you a AVS-2752HG I have all the documents to back me up.
you: I can only tell you that this is what I received PVS-4218. Please let us stop arguing and resolve my issue. what is the serial No. on that?
you: I opened the box I received and I have the documents to back me up.
you: I do not have that information with me at work. I need two things from you 1. serial # 2. a digital pic of the box where the model No needs to be shown.
you: I'll send tonight. Where do I mail it?
you: I'll get back to you. I cannot belive you do not believe me. the only possibility is that DHL switched the box. I cannot afford to believe anybody at this point.
you: OK, but it is a strech. we have never sold PVS-4218 because it does not exist in our system.
you: Mistakes happen, I simply send the pictures tonight. Until then Bill Thank you for chatting. Good-bye.

I could not believe I had been treated this way, but that night I went home and took the pictures he requested. These pictures clearly displayed the wrong model number. The next night this vendor (he calls himself Richard) call my cell number. He still insisted that he could not have made a mistake, even after seeing the images. He then tried to tell me that this is all my fault and he would be happy to fix the wrong that had beeen dealt to me if only I had not unpackaged the product. He explained to me that I should have known better. When I explained to him that the box was from the correct manufacturer with their logo I did not notice that the model was incorrect until I finished unboxing. He said this is all my fault and there is nothing he can do to see that I receive satisfaction. That is when the conversation went very wrong as we both started screaming at each other. This vendor should not be out there off of the Yahoo site, he gives all e-tailers a bad name. If anyone knows how I can get the word out further on this vendor please email me. I believe he should be removed from the trusted Yahoo site. Help me find out how to accomplish this. His actions are inexcusable.


Buyer Beware DO NOT USE PAC-2000 on Yahoo Shop

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