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Review by Anonymous on 2002-03-22
Fellow Amex card holders and also those contemplating to be a member, please take a moment to share my experience with Amex, before making your decision.
I live in Penang,West Malaysia and has been Amex Gold card member since 1998, and every time I met someone they will always have some bad experience to share about Amex, and also at times I face merchants who refuse to accept Amex for purchases, but I was still tolerance and was excepting this conditions until recently..........
on the 21st March 2002 My father was diagnosed and was recommended for a heart bypass in one of our local Hospital ( Lam Wah Ee) and since it was critical and surgery was required immediately I was requested to pay a initial deposit of RM20,000( about US$5263) to get admission, and due to it was already late in the evening ( almost 5.20pm) and knowing that I won't be able to make it to the bank until next morning, with confident I pulled out my Amex for the deposit,( at this time my outstanding balance to Amex was only about RM 543.57(US$143) which wasn't due for payment till the 4th of April 2002,

So I was very confident that I should not have any problem charging my Amex for this Amount.
But sad to say, a few minutes later the Admission clerk, gave me my card back and told me that my request was rejected and the Amex Credit control officer( a Jamil Din) is on the phone and wants to speak to me, picking up the phone I was told by the officer that my request was denied, based on my spending pattern which does not allowed such a big amount.....
I tried to explain to him that, I don't normally spent such big amount, and this was an emergency and the merchant is a hospital, I even gave him the merchant's code for ID, but to no anvil. I was still refused the request... by now I was in an embarrassing situation with the admission clerk and the people around me giving me the know look...
Thank goodness My friend who earns much less than me, wipe out his bank credit card and was able to pay the deposit, leaving me looking like a fool with my Amex Gold.

And apart from this when I called in Customer service, for clerification,it was of no help either and I was told to write in my complaint

So Folks, Please don't get carried away by the Amex advertisement that claims about their service to assist you in times of trouble........................... and membership has its privilege...................... and of no spending limit.............................,and Don't leave home without it................................ believe me its pure Amex Crap, don't get fooled..............

Reach Me at
Rama Veera
Penang. West Malaysia
Amex Gold Card member since 1998 but not any more.

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