Finley Truck Sales AKA M Complaint - Unsafe/Unreliable commercial truck

Review by pagame on 2007-03-10
BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA -- Finley Truck Sales(AKA) M&B Truck & Trailer sales in Birmingham Al sold me a 1996 Freightliner commercial Truck with a passing annual saftey inspection and the truck was placed OUT OF SERVICE when a DOT officer did an inspection. The truck was found unsafe for operation on the streets and highways and i didnt earn one penny yet. The truck had very bad front brakes(not working at all), coolant in the oil, 3 exhaust leaks,damaged driveshaft, ALL the wheel seals were leaking, 2 different fuel leaks, 3 different oil leaks, a cracked turbo housing, windshield chipped and washer not working, and many more costly problems. I purchased this truck without having any mechanical skills and limited knowledge so i trusted the dealership's word and was out of years worth of hard earned money. Mark Searcy lied about this truck being safe and reliable. When i contacted Him through phone and internet i was blocked from emailing them and my calls not returned for over a month. When i finally reached Mark Searcy, he said he wanted me to be a happy costomer and said he would reimburse me for some of the repairs but first had to talk it over with business partners. My calls were again avoided for a few days and when he finally talked to me he said they wouldnt give me any help and werent at fault for having sold me an unsafe commercial vehicle. So it looks like i lose years worth of very hard earned savings. I would strongly caution anyone seeking to purchase a truck at Finley Truck Sales (AKA) M&B Truck Sales. Its not fair for us hard working people to have our money taken away by dishonest dealers and have to put thousands more into the vehicle to make it safe for operation. BEWARE
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-03-10:
You did not indicate the amount you paid, the miles on the truck, or any pertinent information as to what warranty was given. My guess is it was an AS IS sale for a 1996 truck.

If you are not mechanically inclined, as you state, why did you not get this truck checked by a mechanic BEFORE you purchased it?

As far as relying on statements by the salesman, if your are over 30 years old you should have known better. If it's not in writing it don't mean squat.
Posted by pagame on 2007-03-10:
I know i should have had it checked out but it was in the weekend and i didnt know where to go for i never been to that state. I paid $16,900 and already put about $ 3,500 in repairs. I do feel very foolish and partly to blame for not having been a little more cautious before making such a big buy. It was sold as is but i got a passing DOT inspection with it so i trusted that.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-03-10:
Just so you know, even on a new commercial vehicle, the DOT could find enough wrong to put it out of service.

You bought a 20 year old car with out having it checked out and without having enough knowledge or research to buy a commercial truck. You are foolish and are to blame but that'll teach you a lesson. Don't buy something that costs that much and is as is without having it CHECKED OUT!
Posted by pagame on 2007-03-11:
Trust me its a hard lesson learnrd.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-03-11:
I meant 10 yrs not 20 yrs heh.

Well pagame, fix it up, go to work and make lots of money so you can buy a better one. :-)
Posted by pagame on 2007-04-14:
i bought this 1996 truck for $16,900 put about $6,000 in repairs(non engine) and the very first day i get on the road it died. I sat all night on the side of the interstate and had to be towed the next day. The repair place found 5 cracked pistons so far and a blown turbo. the repair quote is at $12,000 so far but they have to look further into the engine. Finley Truck Sales (aka) M&B Truck and Trailer Sales in Birmingham AL knew this condition and still sold me this truck. I am furious and would give anything to hold them responsible for a misrepresented commercial truck. I asked alot of questions before buying and trusted the dealer. It was on weekend and no one was available to inspect so i asked straight questions and even said "please be honest" many times in the day i bought this truck. I asked about the engine's life, condition, and reliability of this truck and he said its a solid work truck. I would give anything to hold them responsible and never let them do this to anyone else again. any help would be greatly appreciated blakr1@netzero.com

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