Dual Action Cleanse Complaint - Rudeness and rip-off -AC Dual Action

Review by Anonymous on 2007-03-11
I called to purchase the "Dual Action Cleanse" as advertised on TV. In fact, my husband had made the initial call and didn't think it went through. He did not place an order. The person who answered gave misinformation about the product and the offer. He agreed to take a check over the phone, initially, but then tried to get me to give him my debit card at the end of our conversation. Since I was becoming a little leary, during our conversation, of trusting this person with my debit card information-he was acting very strange, he quoted me a price of $59.00 and it was to be an one-time withdrawal from my checking account. He took the check by phone with no agreement or mention of them taking more money out of my checking account. This is what the TV Ad had stated as the price. I did not know they could take more money out of my checking account without my permission. This was to be the total amount due, $59.00 for one delivery, period. After waiting and waiting for months on the product to arrive, I phoned the company and was given a strange explanation of what had happened ("it was held up at a post office in their area"), and was assured it would arrive soon. In the meantime, shortly after this phone conversation, I noticed on my checking account statement, that $89.00 was debited to my account from AC Dual Action. When the product did arrive, it was not what I was told over the phone. There was not two of the same product in the package but steps 1 and 2. I did not open the package, I had only opened the invoice. The catch is that I had the conversation with this guy, and I have his "name", as to whether the advertisement stated on TV was for a two-step program, or for two of a one-step program. He insisted that it was for two of a one-step program. I thought the guy was mistaken, but he assured me that it was for two of the same product, not two steps. So, I thought, if he is correct, my husband can try one and I the other bottle. Of course, I thought this was strange, but thought since he was taking orders, he may be right, but was skeptical. When I called to asked why the amount of $89.00 instead of the $59.00, as quoted to me, was taken from my account, a different person answered and said that 'I had made two orders', which I hadn't, and that not only did they take the $89.00 out of my account, in no uncertain terms and in a haughty voice he assured me that they were going to take another $89.00 out next month for the second order because I had ordered two, according to him. I explained what the first guy had reprensented to me as the offer from the TV Ad, etc, and that obviously, he had been mistaken. They were very, very rude, nonchalant, and unprofessional. I really couldn't believe that the developer of this product, who does the TV promotion, would have such poor representation and be a rip off. I sent the product back, unopened, and when I called to inform the company of this fact, I received more childish interaction, bologny-type talk like, "Why would you send the product back if you didn't try it?' This was after I explained the situation to the person on the other end. Oh, I forgot to mention that before I received the product, I had gotten a strange phone call from someone who sounded like one of the guys I spoke to while ordering this product, asking "do you need your colon cleansed?" When I asked who it was, they hung up. So , I called the company and they said, of course, 'no one here called you.' What a coincidence! We order this product, no one else knows we ordered it, and I get a call with that kind of a question. I have caller ID. It was not a local call. I did get a refund for $59.00, after several more phone calls, explanations of my order, run-arounds, etc., from a place called Irwin Naturals. They agreed to refund the $89.00 over the phone, but I never did receive it. I called them back a couple of time about the refund and was assured after more of the same run-around, that it was "in the mail." My bank informed me that it was too late for them, (the bank), to get the money back for me. I still have a letter from the State Attorney General's office, after I had contacted them. I have not filled out the information for the State Attorney General's office yet. It has been a while, it may too late for that also. I just got fed up with the whole situation and it was a lesson learned the hard way.
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Posted by Shakra on 2007-03-11:
You state that you were leery of the rep. prior to giving him your cc information. Well...then...why did you do it? That's just crazy.

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