Shire Pharmaceuticals Complaint - Daytrana Patch Defective

Review by pawicasta on 2007-03-12
TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA -- When my son was on Daytrana, 10mg, for a month, it worked wonders for him at school. He was failing, and make remarkable improvements in his grades in just a few short weeks. His attention span was not quite what it should be, so the doctor decided to up the miligrams to 15. It took a month to be delivered to our pharmacy, due to a "distribution" problem, according to Shire. It finally came in, and I found out the patches plastic tabs would rip the medicine off with it, meaning it is defective. I also had the pharmacist try it, with no luck. So, we tried a different milligram, 20. They to had the same problem, so both were sent back. I contacted Shire during this process, and they responded by sending me a coupon for 40 free patches, and sending me brochures on "how to apply the patch properly". I know how to, do they think I am an idiot, I had already informed them that my son had been on Daytrana for a month. So, I give up, until they decide to be honest about the manufacturing defect, and until they work out all of the bugs in it. I just dont want to be treated like an idiot, I was very disappointed.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-12:
"I just dont want to be treated like an idiot, I was very disappointed."

pawicasta, if you don't want to be treated like an idiot then stop giving you kid drugs! What they are doing is no more then a common drug pusher on the streets would do. If you can't do it for your self do it for your kid. There are far better ways to help the children then giving them drugs.

It can be as simple as getting rid of the TV, taking him/her to the park to kicking there butts back in to reality. Your choice, but by giving them drugs and then telling them later that drugs are bad for them is kind of stupid, don’t you think?

Also, by giving them drugs you are making them dependent on them.

Posted by N. on 2007-03-12:
Lidman you are out of line. You are not this child's doctor or parent. You don't know what lead to the diagnosis and treatment of this child. Do you take Advil? Does that make you a druggie? Some children can be cured by behavior changes, but you cannot say that all of them can, and you cannot say that this one can.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-03-12:
Lidman, you sound like Tom Cruise! Are you going to start jumping on couches too?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-12:
Yeah, Brenda, he might sound like that (the couch thing)if he was going to marry me!

OTOH, I get Lidman's point. Perhaps he was a little over the top in delivering it. ADHD didn't exist when I was a kid, and, I turned out alright. I guarantee I COULD be diagnosed with it now. Then again, I could be diagnosed with a myriad of illnesses on a whim.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-12:
Thank you emt_c and maybe my words were not the best girls but my point was. People trust Doctors way too much now a day and the answer is not drugs for little kids. If they have a real sickness then yes but I am talking about mind-altering drugs and that my dears is NOT the answer. Sorry, you don't agree but that is your right.

Noneill, Advil is way out off line and off topic here.
Posted by N. on 2007-03-13:
Advil is a drug.

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