PETA Informative - Peta Killing Shelter Animals

Review by joles52 on 2007-03-13
I felt compelled to pass on the information that I read with shock in the newest issue of Best Friends Magazine (Best Friends is the countries largest animal sanctuary on 33,000 acres in Utah & I volunteered there a yr. ago). The article was about the fact that 2 PETA members were arrested as they were found to have dumped animals into a dumpster under the cover of taking them from a shelter for adoption & then turning around & killing them & this was supported by the President of PETA. Her comment in the article was "better off dead than suffering". The comment in the article was to paraphrase well would you kill people that are in foster care or an orphanage because they aren't leading the life you think they should. The animals were in either animal pounds or sanctuaries & purposely killed. I WILL NEVER GIVE ANOTHER CENT TO PETA. I am more than outraged. I belong to an animal rescue group in the Buffalo NY area called HEART & the thought of killing these innocent animals because their in a cage in our adoption ctr. & given all our love & care is beyond comprehension. I HOPE THOSE THAT READ THIS WILL HAVE THEIR EYES OPENED TO PETA & I AM SO DISAPPOINTED IN THEM AS I GET THEIR MAGAZINE & READ HOW THEY TRY TO HELP STOP ABUSE AGAINST ANIMALS & TO HEAR THIS IS HEARTBREAKING.
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Posted by S. on 2007-03-13:
PETA = People Eat Tasty Animals.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-13:
Ponie, I'm pretty sure PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
Posted by Skye on 2007-03-13:
This has been going on for years with PETA. Also, no kill shelters, don't kill the animals, they send them out to be killed. If people would take resposibility and neuter and spay their pets, we wouldn't be so over populated with unwanted pets. Sure it's sad, but a fact of life. We can't save them all. Believe me, I know, I deal with animals everyday.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-13:
Here, here Skye! Good post.
Posted by Skye on 2007-03-13:
Thank you Lidman. I also wanted to say, I have never worked or have been affiliated with PETA in anyway what so ever. I do not agree with their methods. They do have good people that volunteer for them, but they also have too many nutjobs who like to get their messages across by vandalizing and destroying property, and throwing red paint on anyone wearing furs. That's not the way to get the messages across. Very hypocritical, ~~jmo~~.
Posted by S. on 2007-03-13:
You're correct, Stew, but I like mine better. :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-13:
When the guy from Seigfield (sp?) and Roy, nearly got killed by that tiger they (PETA) sent him some awful messages like, "it serves you right". Nice!
Posted by Sherry on 2007-03-13:
I'm a vegetarian. I give hundreds in donations to local pet shelters. I wouldn't give PETA a dime. As a teacher, I would weep if my school kids could be housed in a building HALF as nice as the PETA headquarters. Hmmmm. Wonder where they got the money for it. Local pet shelters operate with so much less and do so very well regardless of: I give my money to them. It's a well documented fact that PETA's first agenda is to raise money, THEN it's to help animals.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-13:
But what about the school kids? Why are they not as important?

Why is it that when we talk about saving the animals and there habitat’s humans are always in the wrong but we are just doing what humans are suppose to do.

We are supposed to be fruitful and multiply, so we do. It seems to me we kill babies just because we don't want to be bothered, no big deal there? But if some one kill's a manatee or a dog, by God we put them in jail now and take money from them as well. And may God have mercy if you miss treat one! But go head kill a baby who care?

I'm just saying.....
Posted by Sherry on 2007-03-13:
Lid, I just meant the building is gorgeous in comparison to what many school children are used to. The money is obviously going to the building and to advertising, not to the animals.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-13:
Hey everybody!
SherryH, I was not trying to belittle anyone or say anything bad about anyone either and never you. Please don't take it that way, I was just asking a question.

I meant no offence to anyone.
Posted by Sherry on 2007-03-13:
Of course you didn't. I just figured I hadn't been clear. You are fabulous, I know this! :)
Posted by SilverWngs71 on 2007-03-14:
At Christmas I saw a homeless guy on the side of the road and next to him was a dog maybe 2 yrs old. I told my son lats do something for the dog. I do not give cash to the homeless, due to I would rather go and buy food for them, then I know they are eating and not boozing. So, we went and got a bag of dog food, some water and couple of bowls. When we got back to the corner, Maybe 10 minutes later they were gone. I looked at my son, he looked at me and I thought of the animal shelter. We drove across town stopped at another store and got Cat food and 2 more bowls and then dropped them off at the shelter. I told the workers it wasn't much, however I trusted them and the ASPCA (Animal Cops on Animal Planet). Even though there was a lot of food in the corner considering how many animals they had, I was sure the pile would be gone all too soon. We are getting ready to go and donate again. The kids enjoy it and it shows them community service and that we need to take care of our animals.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-14:
SherryH, yes I agree their headquarters is over the top. Kind of like a lot of places of worship are.
Posted by Sherry on 2007-03-14:
SW, you set a wonderful example for your children. In this age of entitlement and selfishness many kids have, your children are learning to respect and care for something smaller than they are. It's an excellent lesson. As the adult child of parents who did this, these lessons have stayed with me my whole life, in many facets, and not just regardng animals.
Posted by joles52 on 2007-03-20:
I was glad to see all the discussion from my comments on PETA taking animals & killing them...I volunteer for a small no kill animal rescue group in the Buffalo area & WE DON'T KILL even the oldest & on their last legs...just provide them comfort till they pass...PETA won't get another penny from me.

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