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Review by ballfreak2000 on 2001-01-25
OHIO -- I am writing this letter in regards to your treatment of the consumer. I have done everything required of me yet everytime I call I am given a different story.People I have spoken with no longer exist or never worked there to begin with.I requested gas 2 1/2 weeks ago which I should not have to do since according to Level your computers estimate when I should need it.However I called in regards to a bill I received postmarked January 2 01. Billing me $80.12 this is suppose to be equipment fee I am charged $25.00 late fee because I was suppose to receive this in November. Well at least some kind soul named Celeste removed the late fee. I send out the remaining balance of $55.12 on Jan. 10 01. Week later still no gas I call again and I am told that my payment is still not there or perhaps not been posted there isn't way to tell.I am told to give it a few more days and call back. Seeing that my tank is getting lower each and everyday I have the $55.12 put on a credit card. Then when the check appears that can just be credited to my account. Then I am told that I will have to be placed on COD because of my credit history.Hello! you did not send the bill apparently when it was supposed to go out further more you tell me you overbilled me the amount twice then are extremely nasty and little Miss Sarah tells me if I hadd a calculator I could figure it out.Well little MIss Sarah Please share your vast wisdom with me the world awaits how you can bill someone twice for $55.12 and come up with $80.12.I on't need anything to figure that 55+55 doesn't =80. But the point is you say you overcharged me and I have to have my account taken out of goodstanding I was suppose to be charged 55.12 back in October 5 1999 for tank rental well I didn't even have Level Propane until November 99 so why would someome bill for a service they didn't even have? Why would someone pay for a service they did not have?I am suppose to have my gas price locked in at 51 cents a gallon and now that has changed I am now being charged $2 a gallon. The list of complaints just keep pouring in to the Attorney Generals Office.I have been informed that the state of Ohio is filing suit and WV is not far behind. I have everything even the envelopes I received bills in andd I am turning it over to the Attorney General. When I first heard of your company and got on board things sure were different or maybe I just took the sweet bait too easily. I can't even call and discuss my account it seems to upset Miss Sarah it must confuse her calculator she informed me that I had called 6 times already and she just didn't see the need.Sarah in case nobody told you its winter and there is a need for heat.I just didn't realize that I could save consumers so much on fuel bills if they would just call Level and listen to their hot air I think you all have forgotten who the consumer is without us you don't exist.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2001-07-10:
I been fighting with these fools for 4 years on 2 seperate accounts. Level is pond scum, they been kicked out of most of the industry associations for propane, and are absolute proof their management is the spawn of the mating of a brother and sister. They don't obey laws or regulations, and the average length of employment is less than 6 months. I've begged them to sue me so I can get them into a New York court, but they won't do it. They specialize in bulldozing old folks and people who don't know their rights. Hillary Clinton must be their major stockholder!
Posted by rhonduh65 on 2004-07-27:
I had a VERY similar situation... and in the end switched to another propane company which was CHEAPER than Level/Horizon/Amerigas (have they switched names again??).

Also, I switched companies in JANUARY of 2004 and the darned propane tank is STILL sitting in my driveway, STILL waiting for them to pick it up. I was told that it would be picked up "just after the fueling season". Being that this is now July, shouldn't it be gone by NOW????

Glad to be rid of their TERRIBLE (non) service, but would love to rid of the stupid tank too.

Geneva, NY
Posted by Krystal on 2007-02-25:
Level propane sucks. But I also think they all do. They have us hog tied and they know it. It seems companies no longer have to care. As Dr. Phil might say, Hey America how's big business working for you?

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