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Review by 23169 on 2007-03-16
A salute to Real Heroes that get over looked

I know some people that do this for free, that is dedication. We don’t think much about what they really do and how important they really are to us.

Thank You all EMT’s RULE!!

emergency medical technician
n. (Abbr. EMT)
A person trained and certified to appraise and initiate the administration of emergency care for victims of trauma or acute illness before or during transportation of the victims to a health care facility via ambulance or aircraft.

Tracy Stell writes,
Ambulance drivers are correctly known as EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians). They are a very vital part of the healthcare team. There are three recognized levels of EMTs. The EMT-Basic attends school for approximately 150 hours and can provide general care like controlling bleeding, providing CPR and oxygen, and caring for broken bones. The EMT-Intermediate attends school for an additional 75 hours and can provide basic and advanced care, as well as giving IV fluids. The EMT-Paramedic (top level) attends school for more than 500 hours and can give life saving medications, care for a cardiac arrest victim, insert a breathing tube and provide much of the same care in the back of an ambulance that the patient would receive in the hospital Emergency Department. Some Paramedics also work on medical transport helicopters. All levels of EMTs have to pass a state administered certification test and have education updates every year.

As you can see, EMTs and Paramedics are a lot more than just “ambulance drivers.”

Tracy Stell, RN, BSN, EMT
Durham Regional Hospital Emergency Department
Comments:7 Replies - Latest reply on 2007-03-17
Posted by MRM on 2007-03-16:
Thanks Lidman for the informative review on "EMT." There were things that I did not know about EMT. Very well written article indeed. Lidman, are you an EMT profession or becoming to be one?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-16:
MRM, Thank you! I know some and to be honest I don't think I could do it myself but I really admire these people for what they do. I think they deserve much more credit then they are given.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-16:
Thank you, Lidman! I'll be working on my next level hopefully in the fall.

The city of Virginia Beach pays for your training if you volunteer with them. You can go through the levels all the way to paramedic if you stop at each level for awhile. Here there are 4. EMT-B, EMT-EN(enhanced), EMT-I, and EMT-P.

Virginia Beach used to be the country's largest all-volunteer system until a few years ago, when they started hiring paid paramedics. We have 36 paid now. The majority of us prefer to be volunteers.

In this profession you can learn life-saving skills. You'll make new friends, and, you'll meet interesting people from all walks of life.

I find it to be extremely rewarding.

Posted by tander on 2007-03-16:
I have nothing but the utmost respect for EMT's, they can't save every life, but when they lose one, especially a child, you can see the pain on their faces.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-16:
tander, it's not only the children. You seem to know something about this. I appreciate your respect, sometimes it's tough.
Posted by D. on 2007-03-17:
I agree with Liddy and the others...many people don't really respect what they do until they need them. They saved my Mother's life this past summer and was amazed at their knowledge and skills and the way they worked as a team. They have no time for their egos to get in the way like many do in other professions, if they do, it can cost someone their life and a family of pain. I seen a report on TV a few years ago, about the problems they have in NYC along with the fire dept, police and other emergency crews where so many drivers ignore that siren behind them and they don't even attempt to move out of their way...one report stated an EMT was stopped in traffic for 15 minutes because people (who were able to...)would not pull aside for them...divorce rates are extremely high among those professions because of the stress and the schedules...and as Liddy said, they are so much more than just a driver and many are not paid to do this...they are very special people and they will be rewarded in a much higher way than money.
Posted by NeoGeo on 2007-03-17:
EMTs are on the front line. They see a lot of nasty stuff. Some friends are still EMTs and love it, others could not handle the pressure and had to quite. I respect the hell out of them.

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