Successful Management Solutions, Inc. Informative - Concerns I have with them

Review by equinox on 2007-03-20
DENVER, COLORADO -- After some pondering, I decided to express my concerns about a company called SMS (Successful Management Solutions) at 1925 Blake St. in Denver, CO.

A while ago, I had a tour of their offices and met several staff people. I learned about their business consulting program, that it's built around the work of L. Ron Hubbard, the inventor of Scientology. They claim Hubbard's work is a scientific approach to management. The people at SMS appear to believe in this system as the ultimate one. But to me, it seems like more of an ideology or a religion. And it also seems that they are blind to their own lack of professional abilities because I observed several unsettling and unprofessional things there, things I wouldn't tolerate in my business.

They appear to have a very simplistic view of management and behavior. They seem like beginners to me! I'm glad I didn't go ahead with their program!

It also appears that people at SMS are Scientologists or connected to that organization in one way or another. That organization has been accused of serious problems for years, like control/kidnapping, taking people's money, bullying anyone who says anything bad about them, etc. There are stories all over the Internet about these serious problems. I suppose they will try to have this posting taken down or rebut/attack me in some way. So if they do, I've warned of it ahead of time. How will they handle my honesty?

In any case, if you give your money to these people, you will probably be supporting Scientology directly or indirectly through their Worldwide Institute of Scientology Enterprises/WISE.

The final blow for me was when I found out that SMS (Successful Management Solutions, Inc.) is "Noncompliant" with the Colorado Secretary of State's office! It seems that they failed to file their last annual report. Yet another example of their lack of professionalism. How can they claim to be a professional consulting business?

My advice is to shop around and look at other consultants first. Ask your accountant or lawyer for some references, unless you want to deal with SMS. The choice is yours.

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