Engle Homes Complaint - Engle Homes Pre Constuction Contract

Review by carol3cents on 2007-03-20
STUART, FLORIDA -- My sister-in-law is buying a pre-contruction townhome with Engle Homes. I have read over the original contract and I feel they are very deceptive in their contract. The contracts front page states "The estimated date of closing("Closing Date"), subject to any applicable extenstions contained herein is Nov 2006 - May 2007. (contract was signed 11/18/2005). On page 5 of the contract, the completion "shall be completed on or before two(2) years from the date purchaser signs". (THIS SHOULD BE ON THE FRONT PAGE!!!)

My sister-in-law was sent another contract to sign with Engle Homes that changes the completion date. They lowered the price but they want more money down. If she signs this contract which states on the front page "Closing Sept/Oct 2007), she will be subject to new contract date on page 5, the completion "shall be completed on or before two(2) years from the date purchaser signs". They will not allow her out of the contract and she will lose $34,000.

I would never do business with ENGLE HOMES. Before buying from Engle Homes, have them change the contract to be contingent on financing and be sure of the date of completion. IF this builder will not sign these contingency, find another builder. Also check out your builder on the WEB.

I am also going to recommend that everyone who agrees with me and has a contract with Engle Homes write to the Federal Trade Commission and the better business bureau. Please contact me if you currently have a contract with Engle Homes or if you can help my sister-in-law with getting out of the contract without losing her money!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-20:
The contract is not deceptive. No builder can guarantee an exact completion date a year in advance. You don't say why another contract was sent. They don't send out new contracts for giggles. Unless your sister-in-law was forced to sign the original contract without reading it first she hasn't a leg to stand on. That the estimated completion date is on page 5 is immaterial. Contracts can be constructed anyway they want. That's why we have to take the time to read them.

You might want to have a real estate lawyer read over the contract to see if there is a way out. Hopefully there is.
Posted by olls on 2008-12-30:
Engle homes is horrible! I bought a townhome from them in Colorado and nothing has gone right. From the illegal immigrants who built it to the devil-child sales guy that sold it. I will use this mistake as a lesson learned. But in the meantime I hope to let as many people as possible know how bad this company is. Their customer service is awful, the quality of construction is piss poor, there is NO honesty within their company, they filed for bankruptcy to screw over venders, they are now foreign owned, quality of construction is piss poor(oops did i already say that) and the Engle controlled HOA is a complete JOKE! NEVER buy from this company! NEVER!
Posted by denvergal3 on 2013-01-04:
I agree with olls. I think that that's with all home builder. Shoddy work and empty promises. Always get everything in writing and please read everything and make sure you know what you get. It's a lot to think about at the time of purchase, but verify everything. We learned the hard way.

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