Coffee County High School Informative - Why are ISD kids being left alone with no supervision

Review by misery on 2007-03-20
COFFEE COUNTY, TENNESSEE -- My kids are not yet in school but some of my familys kids go to Coffee County High School. I would like to know why students are being left alone in the classroom for more than 15 minutes without adult supervision??? I don not know if anyone else heard about the two kids having sex in class, not at CCHS, I'm not exactly sure where. Same thing the students were left without adult supervision, I don't want to see that kind of thing happen so close to my home where my kids will be attending. The teachers and staff are more worried about who checks who out and whos being bad they are not watching the kids in the parking lot or roaming around outside.

What are the school systems becoming today?? When I was in school they were real strict......but not for leaving us alone and suspending us when we went to the bath room while they were at lunch...while leaving us unsupervised. It sounds more like they are asking some student whom are normally good students to act out. You shouldn't get into trouble for going to the restroom.

What class was she in? In school detention. Why was she in ISS? missed to many days of school due to sickness. Why did the teacher leave? he wen to lunch. Tell them she was on her period and after two hours needed to use the bathroom to change herself... because there was no one around to ask she simply went and then suddenly was suspended from school because of have to show them the stupidity behind suspending her from school.. because she went to the bathroom to change her pad...
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Posted by poppapia on 2007-03-20:
This sounds like a question for this school's Board of Education, not consumers on this forum.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-21:
I don't know, but at my high school ( a long time ago) if the teacher did not show up within five minutes we considered the class dismissed. I wonder if they still have the five minute rule.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-21:
Samething went on if we had a substitute teacher. Those were the days!
Misery, you sound like your beef is with the suspension of your family member. As mentioned earlier take it up with the school board and let us know the outcome. Btw, if this is your biggest concern with this school then you are lucky.

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