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Review by madconsumer on 2007-03-20
I am like several others who had dealings with this so called learning company. i purhcased a download version of their architect software, 3dhome 6.0. before i made the purchase, i verified they had a policy in place to accept returns, even from the download site.

i found the software to be not to my likeing, so i download their "software destruction" agreement, removed their software from my harddrive, and mailed off the completed form with my only copy of the purchase. including the order details. no where during the purchase does it state download versions are "as is", meaning no refunds.

8 weeks past, so i emailed broderbund, they said i had to email 3dhaonline, as i did, they in turn informed me to contact encore.com. in which i did. another several weeks past, still no return message nothing. so i again emailed 3dhaonline, this time they simply returned stating since i made my purchase via encore.com, i was not entitled to a refund. but i made my purchase from 3dhaonline.com (??) mind you, their website has all over it, "refunds for any reason". i tried to get my bank to reverse the charges, but they were not willing to do so.

i called the telephone number listed on my transaction report, and was again rebuted to call yet another number. this time i spoke to a lady whom had very little english experience, and demanded the order number, which i could not give. she as well stated, since this was a download version, and i had no order number, they would no longer care to continue the telephone call. basically, i was told to get stuffed. i reminded them they have my 39.99 dollars, and i received nothing for it.

i used to hold broderbund in high reguards. this is all now changed, as i will hold them incontempt of their purchase agreement.

here is the software destruction agreement.
Software Destruct Agreement
(for downloaded or unlocked materials)
This Software Destruction Agreement (this "Agreement") is made effective as of (the date indicated below) by and between Riverdeep Inc., A Limited Liability Company, ("Riverdeep") and (the customer noted below). The Customer wishes to receive a refund of the purchase price paid to Riverdeep for a license to use a software product described as (product name) (the "Product"). Therefore, the parties agree as follows:
The Customer shall delete and destroy all of the Customer's copies of the Product, including without limitation, all copies, be they on hard drives, diskettes, and CD-ROMs, as licensed to the Customer.
Riverdeep shall refund the purchase price of the Product to the Customer, and report the Product as "destroyed" after this Agreement has been signed by the Customer and received by Riverdeep. The Customer's license for, and all rights to use the Product shall then terminate.
__________________________ ___________________________
Name Order number
__________________________ ___________________________
Address Product
City & State
Zip Code
Phone number
__________________________ _______________
Signature Date

Complete the information above and mail it via US Mail to:

Riverdeep Inc., LLC
Refund Department
222 Third Avenue SE 4th Floor
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401
©2005 Riverdeep. All rights reserved

note the courious words in the first line.
"Software Destruct Agreement
(for downloaded or unlocked materials)"

this company will never recieve any more money from me ever. if the cost of a lawsuit was not so great, i would sue them for my 39.99 dollars.

i would advise anyone who has or is considering makeing a purchase from this company, please be aware, they are not as truthful as they want you to believe.

their customer service lacks everything except brutality in money taking.

here is the so called customer service email;
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Posted by MRM on 2007-03-20:
You should be able to download a demo version or a trial version to see if you like the program. If you like the program you then pay to unlock the limitations or unlock more features.
Posted by Brandon on 2013-08-02:
I have had similar experiences with Broderbund and Encore. There technical support absolutely sucks. Every number you call just tells you to either call someone else or go to a website and read articles about the software product. The Encore support website was useless. It didn't have a single article about the software I purchased, and there wasn't a contact number or phone number to call to get help. So I called the phone number that I had called the first time and just chose the option to place and order, hoping that I might actually reach someone who could at least direct me on who to call etc. Nope, that didn't work either, I was left on hold for 15 minutes... Also, the error message I was receiving when trying to use the software I purchased said to contact a support company that refused to help me with the product because they only support MAC versions. Broderbund sucks. Don't purchase anything through this website.

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