Buy Direct Wholesale Appliances Complaint - Sells faulty merchandise and can't repair

Review by j.c. forbes on 2007-03-21
ST PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- On 2/2/06 we purchased the most expensive used appliances this company offered. I was told the machines were professionally "gone over, cleaned and tested". I picked them up and installed them only to find the washing machine dripped water internally.I reported this to owner "Mike" on 2/12/06. I also had to bring the dryer back at that time because of a broken belt and it had 2" of lint in the bottom constituting a fire hazard. Mike told me at that time, he had no service tech and he would have to send the dryer to an outside repair service, which he did. They put a new belt on the dryer, but in the process lost parts of the tensioning mechanism and the dryer made a terrible grinding sound. I had to return the dryer again and they replaced the missing parts and the machine operated better but not quite right. In the process of handling the machine, they scratched up the paint badly on what was a very nice looking machine. They subsequently,hand touched up the scratches but it was an amature job at best, and they never cleaned the lint out properly, I had to do it myself. In the mean time, Mike told me he had no tech to repair the leak in the washer and had no other machine to trade me. He was looking for a tech and offered me work when he discovered I used to work in the industry. I tried to co-operzte and told him I would run the machine for awhile and see if the drip would stop, as they sometimes do. I checked back with him about the end of August and told him the leak had not stopped and he replied, "Well, we still don't have a tech and I don't have another machine of the front loading type you need." It has been a year now and the machine is now leaking profusely and I called Mike on march 15 to ask about another machine, he replied "Well, the story is the same, I have no tech and the last machine of that type we worked on, the tech took over a day to replace the seal. We have had pretty good success smearing epoxy into the joint between the shell halves, why don't you try that?" I examined the machine and concluded that this would be almost impossible to do and may ruin the possibility of making the professional repair needed of replacing the o-ring seal. I called Mike back on March 21st and told him the epoxy repair looked almost impossible an that I considered it to be a very amaturish "band aid" fix in any event. He replied, "Well, you can bring it back and I will have my guys try to epoxy it, but I'm not going to put a seal in it and I won't swap it out after a year." I feel I cut this guy as much slack as anyone could, but he is selling untested, uncleaned, and potentionally dangerous machines without any service backup, and refuses to try anything but "rigged" repairs. This is a business man who should be avoided at all costs.
Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2007-03-21
Posted by Justusryan on 2007-03-21:
The most expensive used machine? Why not just buy new?
Posted by Skye on 2007-03-21:
I concur.

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