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Review by RNTCONS on 2007-03-23
TUCSON, ARIZONA -- The bottom line here is, you can't trust what your being lead to believe.

We traded a car in for another, 3 weeks into it the finance company for the other vehicle is calling us wanting to know where the check is for the car payment, we were like the dealership is paying it off.

So I call the dealership telling them we are now 18 days late on our payment, they said they'd had a problem obtaining us financing please bring back the new car.

I asked them what about us being so late on our payment, they told me PAY IT. I said that isn't fair, he said it's not fair but it needs to be done. Please bring in the car and take back your trade.

2 things about this really piss me off, 1st WHEN were they going to tell us? 2nd They've affected our credit rating by making us late on a payment they said they would make.

It sucks and I really feel like they shouldn't lead people to believe one thing before they themselves have their crap figured out. How fair is it to give a car to someone telling them they got NO problems getting that deal done and then causing them to be nearly 2 payments behind on their payments on a car they said they'd payoff??
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Posted by bho55 on 2007-03-23:
I would call them back and say **** you and come get your piece of crap, and bring me back my car and pay the difference with the late payment, or you will contact your lawyer..
Posted by RNTCONS on 2007-03-23:
We took the car back today and I am contacting a lawyer if I can find one who would take the case. I also have filed a report with the BBB on bother dealerships.
Posted by RNTCONS on 2007-03-23:
We took the car back today and I am contacting a lawyer if I can find one who would take the case.

The whole reason we even traded the car was because we purchased the thing from inept dealership to begin with, they had us driving around with expired temp plates from 2/20-3/03 when we traded it. Mind you we financed the TT&L into the loan amount and gave them a down payment... it was the finance company who referred us to the place to trade in the original car to begin with...

I have filed a report with the BBB on both dealerships.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-03-23:
How do you have a contract with the dealer that does not have the financing spelled out as to who carries the note and the terms? I have seen this type of complaint before but cannot understand how it gets to this state. It would seem they have, by contract, "purchased" your vehicle. They now own it and are responsible for it in its entirety.
Posted by Shakra on 2007-03-24:
Did you have a contract with them specifically stating that they would make the payments? If not, you have no case.

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