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Review by Bear9 on 2007-03-25
Recently miscommunication and denial between Delta Airlines, Air Jamaica, Expedia and Berkley Travel have set us back over $2,500.00 in airlines tickets, hotel fees, lost wages, international phone calls and miscellaneous expenses.

We are writing this letter to the entitles involved as well as selected consumer r advocate groups to see if any relief can be obtained before the use of legal proceedings. We have already spoken to these entities by phone for over twenty hours. Many of these calls were International calls made in Barbados and Jamaica.

It began when we bought our tickets from Expedia (Expedia itinerary number
118676328895). We felt secure with them having been their customer for eight years.

Air Jamaica claims all fault lies with Delta Airlines. Delta Airlines claims that all fault lies with Air Jamaica. Berkley Travel claims that all fault lies with Expedia. Expedia claims that all fault lies with Air Jamaica. Air Jamaica claims that it could fix things, if only we hadn’t let Mr. Chase, their representative in Barbados, take our tickets.

Here is what happened to us:

· On 11 March we leave Austin, Texas on Delta Flight 1184. We are issued tickets printed on Delta stock. We are worried about the short lay-over in Montego and ask the agent if it will be problem. She tells us no, that Delta Airlines and Air Jamaica are partner airlines and that our bags are checked direct to Bridgetown, Barbados. We will not have to go through customs.
· In Atlanta we board flight 2683, an Air Jamaica flight operated by Delta Airlines. The flight attendants hail out of Cleveland and are wearing Delta uniforms. We are told that we will have to go through customs, pick up our bags, exit the building, go the Air Jamaica counter, re-check our bags before we can board Flight 93 to Bridgetown. We are told this has always been the procedure and that the agent in Austin must have been confused.
· In Montego Bay customs officials told us that as on March 12 there was a “strike” by Air Jamaica against Delta Airlines. Custom official mange to hold flight 93 and as we slip on we are told that if we fill out a report on our bags in Bridgetown they will be put on the next flight.
· In Bridgetown we locate an Air Jamaica representative who begins to take down our information. She excuses herself to deal with an hysterical passenger, who ha come in our flight, telling us that she will be back. We wait in the arrival area for over and hour and then discover that all Air Jamaica officials have left for the day.
· The next day we make our first set of calls to Air Jamaica, who tells us that the lost bags are Delta Airlines’s responsibility (since the flight was operated by Delta Airlines). We call Delta Airlines who tell us that the lost bags are Air Jamaica’s responsibility (since it was an Air Jamaica flight). We ask Bajan Services for help. The manager makes similar calls and he is told that the bags will arrive this night. They do not arrive.
· On the thirteenth we make our second set of calls to other officials in the same airlines, as does Bajan services. We received assurance that our bags will arrive. They do not arrive.
· On the fourteenth Bajan services calls the manager of Air Jamaica and is told we will receive $500.00 Bajan clothing allowance. We call Air Jamaica; they say buy your clothes and bring the receipts tomorrow. Also they have good news our bags will arrive tonight. We call Berkley Travel. They tell us they are setting a claim for us on lost luggage and to buy what we need. The bags do not arrive. We buy clothes.
· On the fifteenth we call Air Jamaica and say that we have our receipts and we need to be reimbursed. Mr. Chase tells us that they don’t have any cash, but that they will be prepared to give us the $500.00 when we leave on Sunday the 17th. Our bags arrive.
· On the seventeenth we arrive at the airport. Mr. Chase tells us that are not going to receive $500.00, such an agreement was never made. We point out that the manager of Bajan Services had spoken with the manager of Air Jamaica. Mr. Chase excuses himself and goes to make a phone call. Forty five minutes later he returns and says that yes we are indeed owed the money, but they have no money and tells us that a “runner” will enter the plane in Grenada and hand us the cash. Since we actually have no money to buy lunch, he agrees to see if he “can” get any money at the local banks. In the meantime we are told that flight 94 to Montego Bay has been delayed and that we will miss our connections into the United States. We are told accommodation will be provided and Air Jamaica will aide us in Montego Bay getting on the flight the next day (an Air Jamaica flight operated by Delta). We are asked to surrender our paper tickets (printed on Air Jamaica stock) and told we will be issued new tickers in Montego Bay, Foolishly we do as Mr. Chase asks, since we were still waiting for the money at that point.
· Upon our late arrival in Montego Bay several passengers were ushered into waiting area and two Air Jamaica employees telling us that as “we had been advised there Air Jamaica is not providing accommodation.” Several people began shouting at this lie, and Air Jamaica had one very upset couple escorted away by guards. We waited in line asked for the aide promised us in Bridgetown. Air Jamaica said they would honor their tickets to get us to Atlanta the next day, but there was no way to get a seat out on Delta as it was oversold and they could not contact Delta in any manner.
· Due to the superior offices of American Express we found a hotel and exhausted called our employers and arranged for substitute teachers to fill our position the next day.
· The next morning we called Delta. We told them that we had missed Flight 1137 due to weather. They said they could not help us in any way. We called the Travel Service of American Express, who said that Delta was obligated by law to provide us a seat and offered to call Delta for us. When American Express called Delta, the Delta representative said that he could fix our problems with no worries. However as soon as the American Express agent hung up, the Delta Agent told us that actually he could do nothing, as the tickets were Air Jamaica tickets. We pointed out that all we were interested in was the Atlanta-to-Austin leg of the trip. He said that it did not matter that Expedia had purchased the tickets from Air Jamaica. When asked “You mean to tell me that Delta Airlines does not have the power to put a person its airplane in America, from whom they have received money?” he responded no, that their power ended with the ability to receive money. He offered however to call Air Jamaica. The Air Jamaica representative said he had the full records of my trip and could help me set everything all right. All I needed to do was read a code from my paper tickets that were printed on Air Jamaica stock. I told him that my paper tickets had been surrendered to their agent Mr. Chase on Barbados. He said that he could not help me unless I obtained the tickets, and that he would never have surrendered them. He then hung up. The Delta Agent who had been waiting on the line was shocked. He told me that he had never had such poor customer service. He got us on stand-by for flights out of Atlanta, and said that he thought we would “probably” be home on Wednesday, but he could not guarantee it. He did not know if we would have to pay for the tickets or not.
· We arranged for flights home on Northwest. We had to back to our jobs. We arrived on the twentieth.
· On the twenty-first my wife called Berkley Travel to file a claim for trip delay. The insurance they issuses for ‘tri[ delay” did not cover delays in trips. She was told that they were uninterested in processing our claim and that it sounded “complicated” and that it was all Expedia’s fault. Call them. They did however give us a Case # 20703002343
· My wife called Expedia and was told that our claim was “complicated” and that we should call Air Jamaica and get a claim number/case file set up. They could not help us until Air Jamaica did this.
· My wife contacted Air Jamaica.
· Air Jamaica respond and said they would issue us a case number immeadeatly, they would e-mail soon.
· It is March 23. We have not been contacted by Air Jamaica.

We have began e-mailing our friends, the e-lists we are on, Epinons and so forth about our trip so that others will be familiar with the four entitles’ ability to take in money, but not give service. . So far we have contacted about 10,000 people.

We will gladly provide copies of receipts and other documents. After our experience of Air Jamaica confiscating our tickets we do not wish to provide originals. Having been lied to several times by phone we are only interested in written response.


Don Webb

Delta Airlines
Jamaica Air
Berkeley Travel
Bajan Services
Seven on Your Side
Austin American Statesman
Austin Craigslist Rants
Bellevue Washington Better Business Bureau
Aviation Consumer Protection Division of the Department of Transportation at
We will add other for a daily.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-25:
There was no strike on March 12 (or any other day) by Air Jamaica against Delta. At least I can't find any mention.

This is one case where you really need a lawyer. Someone has to make sense of this complicated mess.
Posted by familytravel on 2007-03-25:
You aren't going to get any help from one of those specific airlines. Delta won't make things better because technically, those tickets you gave to Mr. Chase are gone. This must have been a horrible horrible experience. Good luck!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-25:
I would sue the whole bunch of them in one law suit and leave it open with John Doe's 1-50. Sue them for actual damages plus ask for punitive damages. When they realize your serious and they are going to have to spend thousands on their attorneys to sort it out they might get half a brain and settle and pay you off. At this point ask for a lot more than your actual costs. Not sure how small cliams works in your area but asking for the $5000.00 max in small claims might get their attention also?

Best of luck...
Posted by MORGAN14 on 2007-08-14:
Detailed Investigation Report into Air Jamaica is to be published soon.
My report as been screened. Shocking real evidence will be in the public domain

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