Mvelopes Personal Complaint - This company lacks integrity!

Review by Geisa on 2007-03-26
I hate Mvelopes Personal. I needed to have someone know that. It is a very badly managed company. I had the free trial for three months, and after the first month or so, two of my credit cards were not downloading anymore, which meant I couldnt organize all the transactions from my bank accounts, and thus, defeated the purpose of using the Service. After complaining about it for the third time or so I decided to not continue using the Service. My bad I passed three days from the trial expiration to cancel it. They had already withdrawn money from my bank account to pay for the next three months of service. I accepted this one. But then, I scheduled a payment with their service (the only thing that was worthy until that time), to pay for my gas bill, and due to incorrect managing, I didn't have the money in my bank account to pay for the bill. The payment was declined by my bank, my bank charged me a fee, and Mvelopes charged me a fee! This is absurd! I complained to them and to this day I haven't received my money back. They keep saying that it is on the terms and conditions. It would be correct if when they took the money from my account to pay for the three months of service, my bank declined the payment. But they were wrong in charging me a fee (which they simply took from my bank account) because I couldn't pay for my gas bill. If there is anyone still reading this, DO NOT use Mvelopes services. They are thieves and have the power to take money from your bank account whenever it pleases them!
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Posted by poppapia on 2007-03-26:
I'm not sure what Mvelopes is, but when a merchant processes a payment and a bank declines payment on it, there is a cost to this on both ends. While I don't agree with the amount many merchants charge when this happens, why should they process your request for nothing.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-03-27:
Don't really follow your story...you didn't cancel your free trial in time so you were billed and that billing was declined? If so, why are you upset at them?
Posted by Geisa on 2007-04-30:
poppapia and rhondam718732 - I didn't explain right. I did not pay Mvelopes. I payed my gas bill through Mvelopes Services. Instead of using my bank's website, I used Mvelopes. I had paid Mvelopes for their services before all of that happened. I didn't cancel my free trial on time and they charged me three more months of service, and I agreed with it, although I didn't like it. After that, I scheduled my gas bill, and when the check bounced, they charged me a fee. The gas company, being the merchant, would be right to charge me a fee. Also would the bank. But not a third party that their only job is take money from my bank account and pay the designated bill.
LordMidnight - sorry you had to work in such company. I hope you let as many people as possible know this is not a trustworthy company to give access to your financials.

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