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Review by tra_li@bellsouth.net on 2002-04-04
COPPELL, TEXAS -- You may not be the proper person to talk to about this, but I am at the end of my rope. If you can't help me maybe you will be able to tell me who can. I am a home owner in Elkhorn City, KY. My home mortgage is through Citifinancial Mortgage. Last month I had a lot of extra bills (car trouble, vehicle taxes, etc.) so I called Citifiancial Mortgage to see if it would be possible to get an extension for my March payment. The lady I spoke to took the information and told me I would receive notification by mail if the extension had been granted. I did not hear anything else from them until March 29th, when I received a collection call about the payment. I explained to the lady that I had requested an extension and in the middle of my conversation the call was disconnected. That afternoon I called them back and was told yes they had all the information and the extension was being processed and that we would be receiving the forms to sign by mail. Tuesday morning I received another collection call and again explained that we were supposed to be getting an extension and the person told me that I had spoken to the wrong person when I made my request, that customer service could not handle such a request, that only the collections department could. I ask to speak to a supervisor and was not allowed to do so. To make a long story short I have probably talked to 10 different people in the 5 days and each one tells me something different. Every time I have ask to speak to a manager or supervisor I have not been allowed to do so. I have been given the run-around for days and still have no clue where I stand. This is going to show up on my credit as 30 days past due and it is not even my fault. If, at the time I made the initial request I had been told that I could not receive an extension then I would have found a way to make a payment, but now there is no possible way to do so. I should have known better than to trust them because it is not the first time I have had trouble with them. Around a year and a half ago I called to make a payment arrangement and the representative I spoke to offered an extension. He faxed the form to me and we signed and faxed it back. We did not hear anything else from them until we received a notice that they were getting ready to foreclose.

I have tried to find out who I need to speak to but no one at Citifinancial is willing to tell me. I have talked to other people in my area who have dealt with Citifinancial and they have all had similar problems.No one deserves to be treated the way this company has treated us, and even if I can't help myself I would like to make sure others don't receive the treatment I have.

Within the next few months the state is supposed to buy our home to make right of way for the new highway 460. So we will have to purchase another home and don't need this negative mark on our credit. If you are not able to help me with this I hope that you can tell me someone who can.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-04-09:
Let me get this straight. You want to buy a new home in a few months but you need an extention on your curtrent mortgage. Yah, thats gonna happen.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-04-09:
Excuse me, but the fact is not that I want to buy a new home, but that I have to as the state will be buying me out. Also I don't think you have a right to take that attitude when you do not know the circumstances. You know there are times that things do happen that are beyond our control, but I guess you live in a perfect world and have never had any kind of problem. Well good for you, but we can't all be so lucky. Until you experience what I have gone through with Citifinancial then you have no right to make such a judgment. When you speak to 10 different representatives and each tells you something different and you don't have a clue to what is actually going on, you have begged to speak with a supervisor but are not allowed to do so, when your life seems so screwed up that you don't know where to turn because of the way some big, uncaring company has treated you, then you will have the right to judge me. I would not wish this on anyone in normal circumstances, but I do hope that you (the person above who is judging me) and all of those kind people at Citifinancial who have put me through hell have the pleasure of going through what I have been through very soon. Good Luck.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-04-11:
The circumstances are clear. You are unable to handle your finances. Responsible people have money in a savings accounts for emergencies. You obviously do not.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-04-19:
You obviously have more serious problems than your current one...seek help and watch the "tude"
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-05-11:
No offense, but I am 15 year industry professional, who is very familar with what you requested. In fact, I am the one that would approve it with my company. To be quite honest with you, I would not have granted you an extension based on your reason for request. In the collection/Credit industry there is an unwritten scale. Most people pay bills in this order of importance:
1) Home/Rent
2) Auto/Transportation
3) Medical Expenses
4) Loans
5) Credit Cards

Your reason for wanting an extension would not be acceptable. I would have reccomended you contact your unsecured creditors for an extension or arrangment.

Posted by Anonymous on 2002-05-24:
I don't feel kindly inclined toward Citifinancial Mortgage myself- I think the original complaint was about being given false or misinformation and being given the runaround by a company that lures and seduces customers with their advertisements about their caring attitude and excellent customer service, but who doesn't really care about anythng but the bottom line. OK- so the bottom line IS what matters to business- and caveat emptor and all that, but... these companies prey on the ordinary folks- people who work to make ends meet, who don't have a lot of money in the bank because they're eking out a living from paycheck to pay check- they're paying high insurance premiums because their employers don't cover the cost of family coverage anymore; aside from all the ordinary expenses of housing, feeding and clothing their families, they're paying for auto insurance, car maintenance, insurance deductibles and heaven knows what else with very little left over. A lay-off, or even a week off work because of illness, a major car repair, a water heater breaking down, a death in the family, can seriously disrupt their finances. But back to Citifinancial- I have a second mortage with them- originally taken out with AVCO, who was bought out by Associates, who was bought out by Citibank...our payment is due (depending on the whim of the lender or whatever strange calculation method they use) on the first, second or third of the month. We get paid on the first, put the money in the bank on the way home (which gets credited on the second) and write out checks- the mail gets postmarked on the third.If that happens to be a Friday, Saturday,Sunday, or holiday, we have a problem. I refcently got a "Wire Alert" dated the 8th. informing me that "an account specialist has made numerous attempts to reach you..." Not true- no messages on the answering machine, and no calls while we've been home. The wire goes on to report: " Your loan is now seriously delinquent". For goodness sake, the check cleared their bank on the 8th and cleared our bank on the 10th. Now I don't know when a payment arriving 3 or 4 business days late began to constitute a serious delinquency, but...that strikes me as being a little overzealous. Years ago, I worked for a finance company, and our boss told us that we should always be polite to the customers, because they could just as easily go down the street and do business elsewhere, and if they all did that none of us would have jobs. I guess times have changed- and not necessarily for the better.
Posted by tandem on 2005-11-17:
My wife and I had pretty well managed our finances and were well on our way to paying everything off until the company I worked for as a lab tech for over 19 years dumped me. I finally found employment at much less than I previously made, lost my savings and have been Nickel and Dimed by people that have the attitute in some of the previous statements on not being able to manage money.
It is really easy to prejudge the circumstances of other people until you have to walk in their shoes. And by the way Citifinancial Mortgage is a pretty lousy predatory lender.

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