Aeoncraft Computer Complaint - Worst Customer Service EVER

Review by markronz on 2007-03-27
MONTEREY PARKL, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered a $2850 computer from Aeoncraft. The website estimated that it would take only around 9 days to build. Two weeks passed and there had been no updates on the website. I had sent several emails asking for any information and gotten no responses. I called them up and was put on hold for 35 minutes. Then someone finally answered and told me they were waiting on a part. They did not know when it would be in. I asked when they planned on telling me this but they had no response. I had them cancel my order that day. That was 11 days ago. I am still waiting for a refund. I have sent them at least 4 emails so far with no responses. I have called them four times so far and each time there is a new excuse. First they said it would be refunded on Friday. There was no refund on Friday and they claimed that the "lady who does the refunds" called in sick. Wow, there seriously shouldn't be only one person who handles the funds. So they said it would be refunded on Monday. Come Monday, still no refund. They said that they couldn't find my order. What kind of confidence does that give you in a company when they can't even find your order. Finally they said they found it and I should receive my refund tomorrow. I doubt I will. I cannot vouch for the quality of their computers but their customer service was terrible. I was on hold for 35 - 45 minutes every time I called there, and each time they were clueless and had a new excuse. I get the impression that due to recent exposure their business is expanding more than what they can handle. Avoid this company like the plague.
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Posted by MRM on 2007-03-27:
Its funny how the company can quickly charge your credit card but take so long to give your credit back.
Posted by grandma005 on 2007-03-27:
Call your credit card and have them take the charges off immediately. The company is giving you the run around hoping that you will wait pass the dispute time for a credit. I hope that you did not send them a check because you are that their mercy if you did.
Posted by Sail27 on 2007-03-27:
Wow - you must have ordered a pretty kick*** system!

Well - their website does say, "Divinely Crafted Systems Built Exclusively For You"...

Along the lines of what grandma005 says, perhaps it's time for them to learn, "markronz giveth Aeoncraft the funds, now markronz taketh thee funds away" :-)

Good luck!
Posted by Jochal on 2008-09-25:
I placed an order for a machine on June 9, 2008 and "due to heavy volume" did not receive it until the end of July. Right out of the box there were issues. The unit would not boot. In a subsequent call to tech support it was requested that I remove the motherboard and send it back to them, which I declined to do. They paid for shipping and returned the computer back in approx. 3 weeks. This time it booted but seized everytime I tried to run something graphic heavy. Again a call to tech support with no results and the machine was sent back for repairs. I received it last week with the same results just described. Again a call to tech support and one to the customer service manager, Steve (from Ibuypower), who said that because the machine was over 30 days old there would be no refund, despite the fact that it was more than 30 days old when I initially recieved it. He said that some sort of money could be returned to me but I would have to retroactively pay for the shipping costs of the two prior returns plus a 20% restocking fee. This fiasco keeps going on 4 months after initial purchase. I most certainly would NOT recommend this company.
Posted by calli1182 on 2010-07-06:
It's funny so many people have had problems with Aeoncraft. I ordered my pc from them about 2 years ago now for $2500 and had absolutely no problems with it. Shipped on time/recieved on time.

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