Micro Center Complaint - WinBook Repair & Customer Service

Review by kab1867 on 2007-03-29
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Febuary 6th My Winbook laptop computer was taken to MicroCenter in Sharonville, Ohio to be repaired as it would not play a music CD or read my printer CD. I have been called several times to pick up this computer however, each time I'm hoping to pick it up repaired it's still not fixed. Since this is almost 2 months later, having held on the telephone for over one hour many times, disconnected, promised that I would be contacted by a certain day and time, being lied to...I want my money back! It's unfair for any computer company to think that this period of time for a repair is reasonable. This company could be giving away FREE products and I would never want to walk through their doors again under any circumstances! Quite interesting is that Micro Center owns the com[any who produces WinBooks and Power Spec computers. Sure doesn't take much common sense that if they cared about this consumer they would have just replaced the unit. Let's hope that today my computer may be fixed! Funny but they say it has to be fixed at the factory and can't be done at the store but today that's a different story. Customers, RUN! This company is a nightmare! Absolutly not one decent thing to say about them! CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SORELY LACKING AT MICRO CENTER and their products stink!
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Posted by MRM on 2007-03-29:
For some reason, I doubt that your cd drive is defective. Try this: after you insert your cd music or software, go to My Computer and click on the CD icon. It should play the cd or run the program. I hope this helps.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-29:
MRM might be right here.. if AUTOPLAY is disabled, then nothing would happen when you insert. Another thing you could try is to put a CD in, then go to MY COMPUTER, right-click on the CD Drive, then choose EXPLORE. If you get a file list, then your CD is being read. If your CD drive was bad, it is a ten minute repair, so it doesn't seem like it would take all this time.
Posted by snersnip on 2008-03-24:
I would not hold your breath my friend. Micro Center is not all it appears to be. These people put on a persona that makes you believe initially that they really want to help you and provide good service.

But if you have a problem or are not satisfied with the product or service they simply do not have the proper training to resolve the issue. And keep you as a customer.

Instead they will take advantage of your situation and just stick the knife in deeper twisting and twisting until they have made sure that you will never return to Micro Center ever again. Basically I have found them to be a pack of "Psychic Vampires"

It is much like our government. You know that people are working there. But absolutely no one is listening.

So I am right there with you. I am very unhappy with these clowns and I will never purchase another item from Micro Center ever again.


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