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Review by ghdllxlxlsooo on 2007-03-29
PHOENIX AND METRO AREA, ARIZONA -- This company is very unethical. they hire people to be "designers", have them work (sell) for a while, sell some product (landscape projects) and then find a way to fire them, don't pay them their commissions, and the construction division sucks up the excess money (the sales commission, for the salesperson who does all the administrative work, the design, the sales, the on-site supervision, etc etc) in running side jobs, paid for out of that money which they have access to in the data base (i.e. they change the order, revising the price, and creating a "designer cost adjustment" which is taken out of the designer's supposed commission (which doesn't happen most of the time any way) and from these adjustments, they do their own businesses on the side, stealing materials and time from the company as well as from the sales person.

They foster a "mushroom" mentality, and the culture there is barbarian--full of hate and separation, they purposely keep communication to a minimum, reading your email, keeping you in the dark and afraid, so no one talks to anyone else. thus they keep on getting away with this stuff.

They also have had their license pulled by the state contractor's office a few times (can't really tell how many)--one of the principals, it is rumored, spent some time in the slammer for doing bogus financial deals like this before.

They have a slick public presence and have sold their so-called services to several local builders and thus have a somewhat captive market, as their so-called services are free to the builders--in fact, there is "professional consideration" involved (kick backs) and lately these have started to come out of the sales people's commissions as well.

Good thing Arizona is completely unregulated--or this couldn't happen. Makes you want to start a construction business in Arizona--

Finally, the delivery of services is uneven to say the best even when they do finish a job (sales people aren't paid until they "finish" the job, therefore, lots and lots of jobs go "unfinished" for this purpose--the company gets most of its money, and the sales force gets none of its money)--their work is supposed to be accomplished by large professional stable crews--but in December they don't have crews at all-why?? Because they've gone home to Mexico for the holiday and can't work.

The company doesn't replace them, of course, because they can't.

The satisfaction level is very poor. If you deal with these people, insist on live references and insist on seeing real, finished examples of their work...that'll slow both you and them down. Unfortunately, lots and lots of other companies in AZ do exactly the same thing...be very careful.

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