A-1 Books Complaint - Trilogy- The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

Review by sammiam on 2007-03-30
It was my birthday and I received a Gift Card for Barnes and Nobles. I immediately went online to go and shop for some books. I have never bought books let alone online as I do not have a computer at home only at work. I have been wanting this trilogy and I went online at Barnes and Nobles to get them. The new ones were like 40.00 but the used ones were 31.08. So I poted to get the used ones because after all you end up reading them and letting a friend borrow them or give them away. So I went on to order those and two new books from Barnes and Nobles. Then I noticed that Barnes and Nobles had to sell me the used books through one of there authorized book sellers. I have never ordered online so it seemed fine with me. Well I get the 2 new books that I ordered through Barnes and Nobles via UPS which required a signature. Well I order all these books on 3/8/07. Well I waited and A-1 Sent me the tracking info and it seemed to be coming to me via USPS. So I tracked it everyday. Well it came to the weekend of 3/16. On Saturday 3/17 they were deliver to my place of work but because we weren't open it came back on Monday 3/19 however I was out sick. So when I came in on 3/20 I had gotten an email letting me know that the books show delivered. So I went down to the Receptionist and asked her for my books and she let me know there was nothing up front or in my box for me. That is when I emailed A-1 Books and Barnes and Nobles to let them know that the tracking info said that it was delivered but I did not have them in our building. I emailed everyone in the building to ask if anyone had picked it up by mistake but no one responded. So I have gotten several emails back from A-1 telling me that the post office said it was delivered and that unfortunately there was nothing that they could do that they relied on the USPS to deliver. Well I have to say they did not make it mandatory to get a signature so anyone could have taken them. Besides I called the USPS myself and the post man said it was delivered to a Melissa. We don't have a Melissa here in this office. So needless to say I will not get the books that I ordered and I am not sure that they will refund my money. Basically I am a liar in there eyes and Customer is not right at all. I am so very frustrated and angry and so many more emotions....as I am lower income and can not purchase them again. It just seems wrong. $31.08 + shipping and handling have been wasted. I know one thing I will never order anything from A-1 Books or Barnes & Nobles ever again. I will also advise everyone I know not to shop there either as they might not get what they ordered. I pretty much should have thrown the money in the trash. Thats all I have to say. Thanks so much for letting me complain.
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Posted by Shakra on 2007-03-30:
You are blaming the wrong people here. A-1 books did their job - they sent out the books. Barnes & Noble did their job. You received the two books you ordered.

How is either one at fault because of what USPS did?
Posted by lobo65 on 2007-03-30:
I've had good luck with ordering from A-1 Books via Amazon.com, and love visiting Barnes & Noble weekly.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-04-02:
Shakra is 100% correct. Your complaint should be directed to USPS
Posted by sammiam on 2007-04-02:
I realize that I might be blaming the wrong people here but the book companies should make it mandatory that it be signed for so that this sort of thing doesn't happen. Ok say they did send it out and they send it ups.....it has to be signed for and therefore it is the responsiblity of the person signing for them to find them or replace them. At that point I would not be blaming the book company. Why wouldn't they send it through usps regular mail? That just sets them up for things to get lost or even stolen. When someone spends money on something they really want and really dont have the money for, you want it delivered. I would have paid more money had I known it was coming via USPS regular mail....I was under the impression that they were sending this USPS Certified mail not regular mail but I was wrong they sent it regular mail. No signature required. I feel that anything that someone pays money for via internet should be sent via a carrier that requires signature. This was my first time and sorry to say my last time. I feel that they were somewhat responsible for the package getting lost or stolen. USPS wont accept responsibility besides when it is regular mail its all he said she said. Mail man says he delievered it so that is Law and I can't prove that he did or didnt.....because it wasn't madatory to get a signature. I have no problems with Barnes and Nobles as I said they delievered the books via UPS and those required signature.....that to me is a CYA move and I think they did everything right but A-1 doesnt seem to care about there customers getting what they paid for even if they were used books because they sent it via regular mail and as we all know they are not the most reliable place in the world......But I can say that I have learned my lesson the hard way. :0)

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