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Review by leon1992 on 2007-03-31
I've been buying stuff on Ebay for years, 100% positive rating so far. I stumbled across Bargainland early last year and was at first apprehensive, I reviewed their policies and feedback and decided to give it a go.
14 months and over 6 dozen auctions won and over $2,500 spent I can say either I am very lucky or they really are trying to improve. Let me give you my experience. Liquidation is not for everyone and they do try to be fair about it.

They do say shipping takes about 10-14 days and once you have paid they send an e-mail track maybe 3-7 days after depending on the depot (Utah is the quickest and Tennessee the slowest).

I was looking for a cheap unlocked GSM triband phone. On another website I got one for $1 knowing the S&H was $46, really sneaky, but still less than It was a Motorola V60 with 2 batteries and it was a product over run in Europe. Worked fine overseas when I purchased a SIMS card.

I trolled Ebay and came across Bargainland having several at $0.99 to start. They gave all these 4-5 star rating. Needless to say I won 3 for about $50 total including S&H (they do combine S&H and it comes out cheaper). All three were brand new, had all accessories including 2 batteries, the screens still had their film protection, only the boxes looked a little dinged. They worked fine when I went oveseas again, left one with a cousin.

Since then I've purchased like I said dozens of items, I try to combine them , winning items from the same depot, to combine shipping. Some examples : collector DVD sets for under $20 including shipping which I see on Amazon for over $45. A case of 8 Targus laptop cable locks, each in its retail box, each retails from $20-30 depending if they are on sale, got all 8 for $26 inclusive of S&H. I bought a case of plastic DVD covers, 680 cases in all for under $20 total.

I even bought a Queen Anne table, they showed only a photo of the box but gave a stock photo and a 4 star rating, however on assembly a piece of wood in the back was broken, can't be seen fixes easily. Leather Jackets (Anne Klein, Kenneth Cole, etc) all under $35 each,all wrapped, brand new , unused. less than 1/3 the price at Macy's. Florsheim shoes unde $20, also new (these were all 4-5 star). Medical textbooks at 1/3 the price, new, wrapped and with their on-line access codes still intact. I have bought bottles of perfume ,Chanel no5 among them, at 70% off, arrived intact. I've even got decent jewelry and watches.
I try to avoid electronics unless they are 4-5 stars and so far no problems.
Now customer service. After reading some of the complaints I've seen I was leary when I finally had my first problem. I had won several items, and they all were to ship together. When it arrived the main item was missing, the DVD's were there but a set of re-usable medical compresses weren't. Taking no chances I filed a paypal dispute. In 2 days I got an e-mail from Bargainland asking me to go into detail. I did. 2 days later they said they checked their warehouse and noted they couldn't find it or proof it had been shipped and they refunded the entire cost of the whole shipment to my Paypal account even though I said I received part of my order. They advised next time use customer service instead of the paypal dispute as I still have 45 days through payapl (note: use a credit card on paypal)

Next I won a DVD for $1.05. 2 days after winning (I usually wait 4 days to pay to combine items) I go an e-mail saying they had lost that particular copy and they were immediately removing it from my order queue. I found several more copies on future auctions and won it for $0.99. Several other shipments have had missing items and on the packing slip you can see that because that item usually has a "?" or is circled. Each time I have e-mailed customer service and giving them the numbers on the packing slip they have come through with the credit on my Paypal account.

The latest problem was the most interesting. I saw a chess set wth a large glass board and intricately carved fantasy pieces. I won this auction and it arrived quickly (again the Utah depot seems to ship really fast). Anyway the box looked dingged up. I opened the box and found the glass board broken and from the way it looked it looked like it was broken before it was shipped. The chess pieces were in perfect condition. So I immediately e-mailed customer service. The next morning I got a return e-mail asking if I can e-mail a photo of the damage. I did, I had left everything the way it was. They replied 2 days after the email. Their first offer was I could keep the item but they would refund the the entire cost including S&H as store credit. So I accepted. They told me the credit might take 5 business days to appear in my account, it was there in 24 hours and I used it to purchase an oak and maple board for less, it was rated 4 stars because one side was loose, easily fixed with some glue and it matched the chess pieces.

Anyway, as one poster in another forum said they must be doing something right, they are expanding, their rating is inching upward and still thousands of people buy from them. They are not retail but I don't think they consciously try to cheat people. they have only been around I think since 2001 and I guess it takes time. They take Paypal and that is the safest if you use a credit card because if PAypal wont do anything your card will.

There is a lot of junk but even junk has value (spare parts) and there are a lot of incredible bargains if you are careful and patient. The only knock is that shipping is up to 2 weeks and after you 3 should file a dispute or contact customer service, but double check their tracking link. If customer service doesn't reply within 3-4 days file a paypal dispute. Someone said half of their $2700 in merchandise was defective or wrong, if that was the case I would have stopped patronizing them before it got to that. They average over 2,000 items ending everyday. Some of their descriptions are laughable, you can tell some were rushed and occasionally the picture doesn't match the description, but no one is forcing you to bid on it. If you can't be sure, don't bid. If you are a risk taker, go for it. This is a company whose slogans include "let the buyer beware" and "low prices first, customer service second". In spite of that they still did their best to solve all the problems I had with them as long as I was willing to work with them. And some of them did have names in customer service. One thing though, they don't have customer service on the phone it is all through e-mail, probably saves time and lessens the chance for verbal abuse plus makes it easier for both sides to keep a trail of the dispute.
So that is my input on Bargainland, most of these problem are minor, it has been small stuff, what I have saved on even one of the major items I've won can cover my losses on all my disputes but I still e-mail them and they do answer and have resolved it amicably.

I can't think of any other Ebay seller where the potential for finding greater bargains exist. One last thing about them "re-selling" becase some one didn't get theirs and saw it later. They have multiple copies of several items. I won several DVDs which weren't shipped, they e-mailed me that they lost that particular copy. And so I look for other copies. I have re-won, if there is such a term, the same DVDs, sometimes cheaper too , because I don't bid over my original winning bid unless I really want it and/or it is rare, it is all timing, I've seen them go for higher too.

Again these are my opinion and my experiences. I have seen more negatve then positive for Bargainland but not very many new complaints, and I have seen others with similar experiences as mine. As for any "conspiracy theories" (re-listing for higher prices) are their any ex-employees out there willing to say anything? Really, given their volume, it would be a waste of time and effort to do that, their would have to be a HUGE price difference to make it worthwhile.
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Posted by missbonnie on 2007-09-30:
who is leon1992? hmm seems a ploy to win over the unsuspecting. bargainlands feedback is still very low as of today

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