Lipozene Complaint - Misleading Consumers

Review by iwantu2know on 2007-03-31
The TV ad for Lipozene granites weight loss within a month and they promises you a month supply with an additional free bottle or your money back if you not satisfied. here is the kicker the bottles you receive has only 30 capsules each and the direction on the effected dosage is 2 capsules before each meal everyday (2x3=6, 6x30=180) so you need 180 capsules in a month to cover the all month, now you would have to buy 5 more bottles or you are not going to loss weight. The price is misleading according to required dosage and you are paying only for 5 days of supplies. They provided a customer service number (800-220-8907) which will hangs up on you right after a short recorded vice message so you wouldn’t be able to complain or return the order to them even if you decided to.
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Posted by grandma005 on 2007-03-31:
There is no free lunch. There is always a catch.
Posted by iwantu2know on 2007-03-31:
No one is asking a free lunch I did pay 29.95 for a month supply but instead got the supply only for 5 days. This is a rip off.
Posted by grandma005 on 2007-03-31:
The free lunch comment was just a matter of saying nobody gives you something for nothing. These tv ads are noted for being dishonest.
Posted by DORCAS on 2007-04-01:
The best idea in these cases is to go to their website before you buy and see exactly what you are getting. I'd like to bet it was advertised in the smallest of small print on the TV ad and flashed real fast so you never noticed it. I also check out thier shipping and handling before I order and also see if it requires s/h for each item your ordering or if it is one bulk price. There are so many ways to get cheated through mail orders. Do as much checking before you buy.
Posted by imjustasteph on 2007-04-11:
Also, be sure to read the fine print on the TV ad ALWAYS. Often it will say something like "Average weight loss 3 lbs in four weeks." Whoa. I can do that by myself thank you.
Posted by DOC808HI on 2007-07-21:
First of all, if you're going to complain, at least proof read your submission so others don't waste time trying to get through misuse of words, horrendous spelling, and annihilated grammar. That would have to be my biggest complaintn about those who complain. If a complainer wants any kind of credibility, at least get the basics correct. Other than that it sounds like a bunch of unfounded b*tchin' 'n moanin'...Okay?

Now as for Lipozene. Saw the infomercial. Got sucked into calling, but I stood my ground as they try to bamboozle you into so many different options which cost much more than TV pitch sells, that you may end up buying much more than you originally had budgeted ($19.95 plus S&H). (Sidenote: There needs to be a law that requires sellers to reveal beforehand exactly what the dollar amount of the mysterious SHIPPING & HANDLING. It never says DELIVERY CHARGE. S&H is a catchall to pinch more pennies out of unsuspecting individuals.)

Movin' on with my story...I had them send me ONLY WHAT THE TV AD PROMISED. I got it and tried it and it did indeed work. For me, I didn't take the number of gelcaps they say. I took two about an hour before dinner and that was it. It did work. But the joke is on them because my friendly neighborhood WALMART stocked LIPOZENE as well as other TV pitched weight loss products. Check it out for yourself as inventory may vary from store to store.

One final note...NEVER, EVER, EVER allow yourself to be convinced to sign up for any kind of AUTOSHIP program. Why the heck would you agree to monthly automatic shipments when you don't even know if the product works? IF you do like it, just call 'em back and chances are the exact same deal they originally offered will still be available. If they don't initially offer it, ask for it.

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