C & L Mower Service Complaint - Overcharged for repairs

Review by Jackelope90 on 2007-03-31
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- On 03/24/2007, I requested services for a lawn mower from C & L Mower Service,2303 Austin HWY, San Antonio, TX. The mower would start only briefly and I requested services to start it. As the mower is only worth $45.00, I did not authorize any significant repairs or major service. I advised the person at the counter that I just wanted it to start. I expected an estimate of the cost or at least a call back if the charges would be excessive, both of which the repair shop failed to do. The shop representetive went as far as to not discuss even the normal rate for small repairs. On 03/27/2007, I received a call from C & L Mower stating that the mower was ready for pick up. Initially, the person who called did not disclose the cost, but when I asked, he informed me the cost was $70.00. This is more than the mower is worth and almost as much as a new similiar mower from wal mart. During a later call, I asked Bill for the breakdown of the costs. The services consisted of repairs that was much more than what I had asked for and obviously not worth investing in a $45.00 mower. I stated that this was too much and I did not authorize nor expect a fee that was more than the cost of the mower. I requested a simple repair on an inexpensive mower
and not an extensive service. If the Service rep knew that the repair was going to be costly, it would have been good business to inform me up front so I could have chosen not to have the repair. I provided my phone number and the service rep could have called beforehand if it looked as if the repairs would run higher than the cost of the mower. However, instead of using honest and ethical business practice, C & L Mowers charged me for services that I simply did not want. Now I am out a lawn mower and C& L Mowers is without a customer.

I had hoped that this issue was simply a miscommunication and not a deliberate attempt to overcharge me, however, so far C & L Mower Service has not responded to e-mail.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-31:
Where in the heck do you get a $45 lawn mower? Yard sale? Just curious.

Posted by grandma005 on 2007-03-31:
Does Wal-Mart sell $45.00 lawn mowers?
Posted by Paks on 2007-03-31:
Did you ask for an estimate? Did you ask how much was normally charged? Answer: Nopey. And besides the only mower under $100 at any store is an old reel type w/o an engine.
Posted by poppapia on 2007-04-01:
Buy another $70 mower at Walmart, but when it breaks, throw it away and purchase another one. You sound like someone I know who purchased a $20 DVD player from Walmart, and when it broke a year later, was upset that they wouldn't exchange it. You get what you pay for, especially at Walmart.
Posted by S. on 2007-04-01:
'I expected an estimate of the cost or at least a call back if the charges would be excessive...' But did you *tell* them to first give you an estimate? Perhaps what is excessive to you, is within normal range to someone else. This is what happens when you ass/u/me. I, too, would like to know where one can get a lawn mower for $45.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-04-02:
What's the big deal? Just go buy the $70 new one you mentioned and be done with it. You honestly though they would charge you $15 or $20 since it's only worth $45? C'mon now.

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