Rock River Ford Complaint - Bad Service/Bad Brakes

Review by basil on 2007-04-07
ILLINOIS -- I moved to the Rockford, Illinois area early in 2005. My previous service provider, Gateway Kia (in Des Plaines) recommended Rock River Ford/Kia as my new service provider. I drive very little as I am now retired and rather than spend months searching out a reputable mechanic for oil changes and minor repairs, I chose Rock River Ford/Kia despite higher prices. Mileage on the car at the time of the most recent service was 17,744; date of service 4/4/07. At that time I was told my brakes were completely destroyed and machining was not an option; they had to be replaced. Although I was stunned to hear this I allowed them to proceed (along with other supposed repairs).

1. On July 11 2006, my car was serviced. (Mileage, 14,343). I did notice a drag on the brakes as I was driving home but attributed it to possible stiffness after service. Upon reviewing the invoice today (4/7/07) it is noted a brake inspection was made on that date stating the brakes were okay but may need service in the future. *See additional notes below.
2. Car serviced on 10/24/06; no mention of a brake problem. Mileage 17,220.
3. Car serviced on 4/6/7, mileage 17,774. Brakes replaced.

• On July 13, 2006 I loaned my car to a friend simply to put some miles on it. He drove it to Texas and returned it to me approximately 1 month later.

It would appear, based on the above, that any severe damage to the brakes was made during 10/24/06 and 4/6/07 or a total of 524 miles, which is impossible. Stretching the imagination slightly the damage occurred between the 7/11/06 date and 4/6/07, a total of 3,431 miles, or approximately one oil change, damage so severe the brakes had to be replaced. Again, impossible if an accurate assessment of the condition had been made in July. No damage was noted on the interim inspection in October of 2006.

My assessment of the situation is one of the following:

1. Rock River was excessively careless during an inspection
2. The brakes were damaged during the inspection by the dealership.
3. The brakes were so poorly manufactured they simply could not hold up.
4. Because I am a female and in my 60’s they felt it appropriate to “take advantage.”

I do not expect to be reimbursed for the repairs. My hope is that consumers be extremely careful when using Rock River Ford/Kia, keeping in mind my experience with them.

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