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Review by kaceechase on 2007-04-10
COLUMBUS, GEORGIA -- New Horizons Community Service Board
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Columbus, GA 31907
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To Whom It May Concern, (Amended Document to reflect My Journey)

My Name is Kenneth Chase Danielson and I am a 42yo Male in Columbus Georgia. I was Molested by my Uncle when I was 4yo which started Me on a Journey that I am still on and trying my best to Over come and/or cope with the best way that I can.

It has been difficult to hold down a steady Job due to Depression and OCD (Obsessive Compulsion Disorder) but I am one of the few Fortunate people to Have Loving and Supportive Parents that Have been Helping me the best that they can My Entire Life. But we are not Rich by any means and I have been forced to also rely on Programs of the City now and then for Help as well. Which brings me to the Purpose of this Letter.

I am Currently Attending New Horizons for Mental Help and The Out Patient Clinic for the Body side of Medicine for Diabetes and such.

I am Just as Valuable as anyone on this Planet, No more so and no less.

Yet because I am Poor and In need of assistance A Few of the Staff of each of these deparments seem to feel that “WE” DO NOT MATTER as much. We are treated As if we are Cattle, Pardon me, We are treated Lower than Cattle because we are Poor. And A few feel that we can be treated with less respect than is due Anyone. If it were Not for the Majority of the Rest of the Staffs that Compensate for those that Choose to show a lack of respect, Most of us would be More insane than We are, My Thanks and Gratitude to them.

My Point? I went to Get Help for Depression this week and was faced with this. I was asked by DR. Wright what I have taken over the last year for depression. And I told her what I could remember and was then confronted with sarcasm and mocking when asked “Don’t You Remember what You Have Taken?” I responded with “ Isn’t it in my files?” which She had sitting in front of her. She then began to Flip through the file with an attitude of being forced to look for the information due to my Not being able to Tell her what she wanted to know.

We continued and was then proscribed a Medicine that sounded familiar to me but I was not sure. I told her That it sounded familiar and asked if I had taken it before and she said “ Don’t you Remember?” I respond with “No, That’s why I asked” She snapped back with “don’t you believe you have some responsibility here to know what you have taken?” and that stunned me and made me feel very threatened.

I was confused and Upset. I felt as though I had pissed “her” off and went into “Repair mode” that I was so use to doing all my life to fix any problem to protect myself from getting hurt. A Defense mechanism for me. I began to compliment her and tell her how pretty she was to get her to like me and lighten the mood. Which when I look back on do not feel I should have been placed into by a “Professional”.

I took the prescription to the Pharmacy and asked them to check for me and they did Very friendly and Very “Professionally” and told me I had taken it before and that it had not worked for me then. So I had to go back to the Office to get another Presciption for My Depression. I was now Scared and angry and hurt and because of My need to please felt I had no recourse so I coward back to begged.

I had to wait another Hour and when I finally saw Dr. Wright, again, at the close of the Day and I was confronted with this “Your going to have to make this Quick” I explained the situation and was then told “ You are at the Max for (the other drug I am taking for OCD) and I do not feel comfortable adding anything else to it” Which confused me. I have always been under the impression That this was about finding the right “Combination” of drugs to relieve the Problem. But she made it sound like I could only take ONE at a time.

I was very upset and nervous and scared and angry. I would Hope a professional would sense this and try to ease the situation but instead she responded with an argument of how I needed to Take more responsibility for what I was taking and be able to tell her what drugs I had taken to “avoid mistakes like this” making me feel as though I was wasting her Time. I became very Angry and asked her why she was being so Mean and Hurtful to me to which She responded with “Do You want to talk to someone else?” to which I said “Yes if you are going to give me attitude like this”.

I could now believe the next thing that spilled from a “professional” Doctors Mouth. “If I can get you an appointment tomorrow would that be “SOON” (AND SHE MADE THE QUOTES GESTURE AS IF MOCKING ME) enough for you”. I was Floored and Very angry and Very Hurt and Just Scared. I got another appointment and left and I Cried and Sobbed all the way Home and I even Contemplated Suicide which of course I chose against and chose instead to channel My anger into this Letter.

I Can Not and Refuse to believe that this experience is what a “Professional” is meant to do. I find it hard to believe that If I were a regular Paying Customer I would have been treated this way. Yet Because I am a Poor man with Limited resources I am forced to Tolerate this Kind of Crap. ONLY because I am POOR am I expected to Accept this Behavior. ONLY because I am POOR and Vulnerable would anyone choose to abuse the situation in such a way.

So that is the Purpose of this Letter? I am Asking for your Concern and Respect and Assistance in changing this Policy of Abuse to the Poor and Needy. I ask for your Help not only in my situation but in ALL Poor and Impoverished people who feel they have no recourse, Thank You for anything that you might do to “Shine a Light” on this Problem That Should Not and Will NOT be Tolerated.

Everyone Deserves Common Decencies and Respect, Especially at our weakest points.

Thank You and God Bless,


On Friday February 23, 2007 I took the above letter to New Horizons and gave it to the Manager, Personally. Because of a Prior Incident that was never looked into I threatened to Email everyone and anyone I could get to listen to My Problem. She was very polite and seemed genuinely concerned. I Spoke with someone that claimed to be an investigator of these matters and told her my story. I was told that 2 people had to look into such matters to make sure all sides were heard, which impressed me. I was assured that someone would contact me to ask more questions. I asked how long should I wait for them to Look into this matter and to hear back from them and was told 15 days. When I got home I wasn’t sure if that was 15 days total or 15 work days so I chose the latter to make sure.

It is Now Friday March 16th 2007, 21 days later and I Received NO Further Response.

FYI – We have an answering machine, which I told them it was fine to leave a detailed message on, and someone is always at home and yet there was NO Response at all.

If I am denied Meds and or service because of My actions I am Screwed. If they choose to retaliate, in any way, I have no where else to turn. So I have sent this amended Letter to Every Person, Organization and Government official in the Hopes that Someone Can Help me in my situation and for the Greater Good Of EVERYONE That is in my situation and Has Limited resources.

Thank You for your Concern, Thoughts and Prayers and if you can, your Help.

PS 2

I went for my appointment on Thursday March 23rd 2007 and spoke with the manager again and the Person who claimed to me that they would look into this in 15 days and did nothing. They apologized yet when asked why they did not contact me was greeted with blank stares. No one offered me an answer to my problem and no one Explained anything further to me. I was hurt and Angered by this and became very rude I know but I am Now floored what it takes TO STOP Someone from hurting another patient. I even said to them “What will it take? A Dead Body?” to get them to act.

So it stands.

PS 3

I received an Email from my senator Johnny Isakson, Thank You, and he help point me in a direction as did the Governor as well. I went to the Human Resouces of Ga and Thought I was on the Right Track. I sent my letter to them and the woman I spoke to Marylyn sound very supportive and Raised my Hopes that Something might be done. But I did Not hear Back from them either way so I assume that My Road ends here. No One really cares. People always ask when someone dies “Why didn’t they Reach Out for help?” This is Why! To Be Disrespected and degraded by someone that claims to be there to help you and then to have ever head turned and ever door slammed shut and then to be Hurt again and again by those that claim to be there to Help, well This is why No One Reaches Out. Because There is No One there to Help. If you Are Not Rich enough to afford to pay someone to Help You, No One Cares. Thanks for Making that Message Very Clear. I held out that America was Better than That But I Get It. No One wants to Hear from you If you’re Poor. The Poor Don’t Matter. I Get The Message Now. Thanks for All the Help.

Also My Special thanks to all The Politicians that Couldn’t Find the Time to Help me or even acknowledge my email BUT Sure seem to find the Time to Put me On there Mailing List and Now send me 3 to 4 emails a day wanting money. LOL Funny How the System works.

PS 4
April 1st 2007
Finally received a letter from New Horizons- though no second Investigator called me as stated they would- and to no ones shock, because I am poor and Insane and Can Not Prove my allegation and of course I am sure she denied everything, they took NO ACTION AND DR. WRIGHT IS STILL ALLOWED TO ABUSE THOSE SHE HAS BEEN INTRUSTED TO HELP. BEWARE!!! ANYONE THAT HAS TO SEE HER TOMORROW, IN MY OPINION.

Que Sera Sera. And so Goes the Life of a Poor man Trying to get Help.

Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2007-04-10
Posted by shawnp80 on 2007-04-10:
Lighten up dude! Why do you capitalize random words in your story?
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2007-04-10:
I am sorry for your position but why is she being hurtful and mean for asking a very valid question. You really do need to take responsibility for the kind of drugs you are taking and have taken. Get a piece of paper and write down all the drugs, there dosages, and when you have to take them, and keep it with you at all times, especially when you go to the doctor. It keeps the doctors from prescribing meds that either don't work or could interact with each other. Although I would rather know that a med that you took didn't work than causing some sort of reaction that could really put you in the hospital.

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