Browne-Daube / DaimlerChrysler Complaint - 2004 Jeep liberty 70,000 mile warranty NOT honored

Review by consumerx on 2007-04-10

I am having a major problem with Browne-Daube dealership in Eastonia PA . My car was purchased new at Browne-Daube and has a 70,000 mile warranty. The motor had, in my professional opinion, an engine component or computer originated defect inherent to the vehicle from the day I bought it. I bought the car in hopes of having a reliable new car but the car was anything but that. I needed a vehicle that would cover certain important requirements that I needed. I told the salesman to sell me a car that was great on gas , great in the snow and a vehicle that would be reliable. I needed these requirements covered due to the nature of my work. I am on the road alot and need to get to my customers rain, snow or shine without costing me a fortune on gas. I remeber the salesman saying you need a Jeep Liberty. I trusted his knowledge and test drove the suv. I should have watched the gas but of course gas mileage was one thing we already discussed and I was not metering it at this time. I bought the truck and took it home and noticed the mileage was poor. I called the dealership after 1000 miles or so and stated the mileage was terrible and the car was not very powerful. The tech said oh don't worry these motors ar tight from the factory but once the motor gets some more mileage the motor will loosen up and get better fuel economy. Well I do know that looser motors make more power than tight ones because the frictional loss in the motor is less and requires less power to run the motor . So I semi-accepted the benifit of the doubt. As it turns out the mileage and preformance both gradually seemed to get worse. Please read in detail below how my situation was handled, how the warranty was avoided by the dealership/manufacturer and the lack of professionalism/people skills in their worlds. I have been so displeased with the vehicle along with the way I have been treated I cannot believe it. I spent over $20,000.00, with this dealership because they assured me of how great they are being a five star dealership and how coming to them would be a great experience. To say I will never buy a car from them again is an understatement. I brought my car to them to look at when I noticed the huge drop in performance and mileage. They could find nothing wrong with my car as they stated. I found it very hard to believe but they are a five star dealership and have the best technicians and service so who am I to say differ. The reason I brought the car to them was because it was hard starting and the dash light would flicker and the car would stall out completely, as well as the significant loss of performance and gas mileage. The only thing they could say after looking at my car was I should spend 410.00 roughly on a 30,000-mile check up. I said you couldn't even tell me what is wrong with my vehicle now; tell me why should I shell out 400 bucks on a check up. No answer, so I left. At no time did the dealership tell me the car had any maintenance issues what so ever. We did all of our own maintenance which seemed to upset the dealership. They asked why I did not bring the car to them for service and I explained. I can't bring the car to PA because it is too far from my house in NJ and it would have consumed too much time to go to PA for maintenance. I explained to him I bought the car on the salesman pushing the dealerships five star rating and I felt confident in his speech. After feeling unsatisfied after they looked at my car and said there was no problem, I then contacted Chrysler directly and wrote them a two page detailed letter of my concerns which was just about the same as what I mentioned above. I went on to explain how the car was losing performance / gas mileage, how the car was not running right, how the instrument panel flickered and the car would abruptly shut off as I was driving. I wrote this letter and Chrysler received it in August of 2006. They followed up and left me a message on my answering machine, which I still have saved, with a customer care #, a contact and extension. I returned the call and expressed my concerns to the person who left me their name and number/extension. I felt I was getting somewhere and that felt nice because I told her the vehicle was unsafe and I needed help. She said she would take care of it. She would talk to me and then notify the dealership and they would do something to help me. Time goes by and the vehicle had about 32,000 miles on it. I figured it was taking them along time to get a file together or what ever and I never heard from the dealership. I put high mileage on vehicles and it wasn't long at all before I had over 50,000 miles. Around the 57,000 mile area the motor did the same thing it did before, the dash lights flickered and the motor started to stall on the highway. I got over to the shoulder and the car stalled and would not start. I had it towed to the dealership and said how the car did the same thing it has done before but this time worse. They looked at the car and said it was negligence on my part that they would not warranty the engine. I told the one service employee this has happened before. I build mechanical prototypes, engine test equipment, engine parts, a variety of engines for a living and have hand built over 100 internal combustion engines in my time in the business and have troubleshooter thousands, so any language he used in reference to engines was understood by me. I made an appointment with the Chrysler factory representative and met with him. I brought a magazine article with me, which was written by a major publication on my knowledge of internal combustion engines. I brought this magazine to put us all on one playing field so we all could maybe put our heads together and troubleshoot the problem. I was wrong again. As I entered the room I met the service manager and the factory representative. I was happy to meet with them and thought we talk through this ordeal logically. I went to shake hands with the two gentlemen and when I introduced myself I could tell how unwelcome I was. I asked what the diagnosis of the engine was and the factory rep said too much time in intervals of oil changes. Basically he said there was sludge present and not enough oil changes were done. We supplied the dealership with enough oil change stubs to satisfy their warranty guidelines. The service manager asked why did you not bring the car to us for service and why did your business conduct the oil changes? As logically as I could I explain how we do our own maintenance and how I lived in NJ and they were in PA. He said I couldn't go to bat for you because I don't have the proof because you did not come here for your service, so there is no proof of oil changes. I am assuming he meant if he had his own records because mine are not acceptable for whatever reason would be the proof he needed. It did not seem to matter to him that we documented the oil changes as much as the dealership not getting the service jobs. I asked to look at the motor for my inspection. All three of us went to the car for inspection. I asked the rep if he could explain his prognosis in detail please. I remember he said sludge and lack of oil changes. I said could I explain what I see? He said sure, so I gave my professional evaluated opinion. I told him there could be a number of reasons there could be sludge present and I explained and could tell by the looks on their faces lost them a few times so I explained in more easily understood terms so they could understand my prognosis better. I don't try to tell a doctor how to perform surgery and I know my knowledge limitations but engines are a topic that I am considered among many to be an expert of. I explained the premature service life of key engine components from the factory could cause this kind of condition easily. I told him if premature wear on piston rings due to product defects occur then extremely hot combustion gases enter the crankcase where engine oil is stored and used inside the engine. When this happens the oil becomes heated to the point where the oil breaks down and becomes solidified on the piston cylinder walls and is then scraped off the cylinder wall by the second piston scraper ring where the broken down solidified remains of oil and carbon from the combusted gases that go past the worn /defective rings mix with the engine oil and create sludge. This was an explanation these guys were not in my opinion ready to deal with. The factory rep was insulted by my explanation and got up out of his chair and said I was wrong his diagnosis was right and I should get a lawyer. I did mention earlier in the meeting to them that I talked with a lawyer and I wanted to try to troubleshoot this problem without the use of a lawyer at this time. I was not acting like fix it or I will sue. I just wanted them to know I met with a lawyer to learn my rights. The rep got up and without as much as saying nice to meet you, have a nice day, or anything pleasant, he smugly said get a lawyer. I never meant to undermine him but I felt that he was embarrassed by me losing him on the topic we were discussing few times in front of the service manager. I am guessing it must have been a blow to his ego or something of that nature. It is not my fault that I happen to be an expert on the inner workings of how sludge is actually made. I just don't guess and accept limited, undetailed simple explanations. When the factory rep left I then talked to the service manager. I mentioned the fact that I wrote Chrysler a letter with my concerns. He advised me to get him the complaint letter that I wrote Chrysler and to have it e-mailed to him because he never saw or had knowledge of one that I wrote. I did just that and he told me he would make sure the factory rep saw it before the rep would finalize his decision. I contacted Chrysler and they said the dealership was sent a copy on March 23 2007 but they would kindly send another. I spoke to the service mgr April 9 2007 and he said he did not receive it again. I then found out later that the rep made his decision without apparently having ever read my original complaint letter. I found that to be very odd considering it showed repetitious problems existed. Chrysler as I am told did not handle the complaint letter correctly because if they did then I would imagine someone at the dealership would have called me and asked me to bring my car in for an evaluation. Which I would have eagerly done. I believe there was some negligence in handling the original complaint letter to Chrysler. If someone would have called me way back in or around September/august area then the dealership would have diagnosed the problem of the sludge at 32,000 miles and the problem would have been assessed and could have fixed early. Instead it was ignored by customer service and I have the failed engine to deal with. I am sending this letter as an attempt for some help in resolving my problem. I am in no way trying to create slander of any kind, quote or represent anyone other than myself in this letter in any way. This is an accurate account of the conversations and facts as I know and remember them .The above letter is my personal interpretation of the accounts of the conversations held as I remember them. I am in no way speaking or making statements for anyone other than myself. This letter is not to be distributed by anyone and is intended for the sole use of the intended person it was e-mailed to. Please destroy and or delete this letter if it was received in error. My contact information is attached to the second e-mail sent in concurrence with this one.

Most kind regards
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Posted by MRM on 2007-04-10:
They say Jeep Liberty has low gas mileage. This thread confirms it.
Posted by S on 2007-04-10:
My wife has a Liberty... she gets decent gas mileage... better than my Toyota it seems. Perhaps we'll have to run a test to see for sure. She loves her car though... she has leased 2 in a row now.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-10:
ROFLMAO Bravo ConsumerX!!!!! Here is the truth, Chrysler's factory rep probably has zero knowledge of the mechanical aspects of any of their products. This has been an argument of mine for years as every factory rep I ever met had little to no knowledge of their products and are put in a position where technical experience is needed (kinda like asking your paperboy to treat you for cancer). Unfortunatley you are gonna have to proceed to legal matters to resolve this, but you should win. Best of luck and thanks for the chuckle (not meant at your expense!).

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