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Review by shmollin on 2007-04-10
NOTTINGHAMSHIRE -- I found myself stuck without a car due to the fact that my beloved Mondeo gave up the ghost, so I was on the look out for a new car, and with my wife just having a baby, our family was to big for just any car, we needed a seven seater. So I started to look around.

We just happened to be out when we see a Mpv for sale in a local garage- we had a quick look around it and thought yep not to bad, but she was on a G plate. Saying that, the car did look as if she had been looked after. They was asking £1195.00 - it did seem a bit steep. We thought no more about it, and I went on to the internet to look around to see what was out there, and I came across Caven Car Sales, and the mpv was on there. I called my wife over and said look they do credit, the only problem was I am out of work due to being ill.

My wife told me to give it a try, and so I did. A few days later, we got a call from Cavern Cars. A man called Vernon said that he would help us with the car as we would not get credit, he would do it through himself. but we had to come up with £500 first. We got a loan for the £500 and went to see Vernon, who was nice and polite, and took us around the car. We pointed out a few things, and he told us he would get them done for us. and he did. We then found that we had a leak from the steering rack and told Vernon about it, drop it off he said and I will sort it.

After a few times back and forward, the steering rack was sorted, but the exhaust was in a bad state, so Vernon had it welded for us. When I got the car home, I decided to give her a good once over, only to find that the breaks were shot as well as the drums and disc's not good (what have I done I started to wonder). To be honest, there was nothing left of the breaks. I also found that the heater did not work, and the rear seats did not stay up. We also found that on a 10 minute trip the car was over heating, so I informed Vernon and he said he will sort it. To be honest, this car should have never passed a Mot, but it just had. The car was back and forth from the garage due to the over heating, the garage that did the repairs is next door to Caven cars, but are nothing to do with Cavern cars. I got in touch with the mechanic that was working on the car, and he told me that he replaced all he could to stop the car from over heating. So I brought the car home, and decided to take a look myself - what I found was every pipe had to be replaced, as well as some petrol pipes, but I did the job myself. I also found that one of the ht leads had electrical tape wrapped around it, and the rest was all of a mix of different brands that looked as though they had been on the car forever.

I had no end of argument with the owner of Cavern Cars, but got no joy. I then got a call from the mechanic that had worked on my car, informing me that Vernon was not going to pay for some of the things we had done to the car, it was down to us to pay. We contacted Vernon, who refused to admit that he said he was going to sort our car out for us. We paid well over the odds for our car and not only that, we had to pay the mechanic for repairs that Vernon had done.

All I can say is, don't let the seller's smile fool you, they are just trying to make a sale. I am on benrfits, and was taken advantage of. Don't make the same mistake I did - Caven Cars only offerd to help us as they knew they would get the full asking price for a car that was not safe.

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