Day Spa Nails Complaint - Poor customer service...illegal!!!

Review by mamabee on 2007-04-11
LAKE WORTH, TEXAS -- A few weeks ago I went to Day Spa Nails in Lake Worth and took my daughter with me. I had been there a few times before, not because of the outstanding services, but because I had 20% off coupons which I had one this time also. I had my nails done & my toenails painted, my daughter had her finger and toenails painted also. There were 3 different people who performed the services on us.When we were all done I proceeded to check out w/my coupon and they had an 11 yr.old(I previously asked how old she was) working the front desk. She rang me up and I paid w/ my debit card. My daughter was eating the lunch we had brought in the waiting area, so I helped her gather up the food and clean up plus made a little small talk with another customer who was with her little ones also. A few days later I noticed on my bank statement that they had charged me 38.00 more than what I had authorized. I went up there to confront them on the matter and talked to the woman in charge. I told her that "it was illegal to do that". She proceeded to tell me that "it was my fault", that there were 3 separate tickets and when I paid I only paid for 2 of them and then I "ran out" before anyone could tell me. I told her that "I was in there for several minutes after I was done,from the time to the checkout and to clean up my daughter and her lunch and then to walk across the parking lot to the car,there was plenty of time for them to get the other ticket up there and to say something to me". Nobody ever said a word or attempted to. Then I told her "maybe they should not have an 11 yr. old working the checkout" which only contributes to the problem. She started yelling at me in front of the other customers and was getting really out of hand. I told her "you charged me more for the paint on my toenails than it says on the menu" and she said "the menu is wrong".Then I said "you didn't honor my coupon for 20% off either" and she said "I don't know you had a coupon", "but you knew all the other details" I said and she replied "I don't know". I said "I'm telling you I had a coupon" and she said "no!" After all that I was fair enough to say I would pay the difference that I owed minus the coupon and the $2.00 they overcharged me on my toenails even though it was their fault, but she was going to have to refund me about $14.00. She said "no" and I said "that is poor business are you aware?" and she said "I don't care". Then I said "I will not ever come back with myself or anyone else and that I would tell everyone how rude and shady they were".She said "I don't care what you do." DONT GO THERE!THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY,THEY AREN'T INTERESTED IN INTEGRITY!
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Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-04-11:
We read quite a few complaints like this here. Yes they overcharged, were rude, etc. Bottomline...if you don't pay attention to what you are being charged you are just as responsible for the mess. I use my debit card for everything and while you of course don't have to sign, you always get a normal credit card receipt or a nail salon might not even have a pin pad so it went thru as a ormal charge. Either way...where's your receit that was handed to you??? You didn't bother to look at it knowing full well an 11 yr old had acess to charge your card?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-11:
Yeah, this one is on you for not checking what they charged you. Don't go back there.
Posted by N. on 2007-04-11:
At first I was thinking the same thing as Rhondam & Pwp, but the poster may have had a correct receipt when she left and they charged more after she left when they noticed the undercharge. She said they charged $38.00 more then what she authorized. I am not sure if that is possible, but if it is she is justified for feeling cheated. The solution is obvious. She needs to call visa if her debit card is through visa and if she has a copy of the charge slip that shows a different amount then what was actually charged I think it is a no brainer. If she signed the slip with the actual charge she will probably not get anywhere. You have to look at the charges before signing.

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