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Review by meatball on 2007-04-11
This guy shouldn't be allowed on eBay! It's been a while since my transaction took place but now (years after) people are still being ripped-off and labeled as liars for no wrongdoing. I believe that this guys whole purpose in life is getting kicks out of thinking that he is LORD OF EBAY, and that everyone should take his products that he false-advertisements and not complain. He has poor payment options (had to send 3 separate checks via snail mail at his request.) My wife works at a bank, I had her print out the checks at 8 AM the next morning after the auction and mail them out the same day. Now after I complain about his crappy product and services he says I made a slow payment. UMMM... You're the one that doesn't accept paypal, not my fault it took 2 days for you to receive my checks. I think he only accepts checks because paypal's buyer protection would rip him a new one. The items were supposed to be carbon fiber motorcycle body parts but turned out to be just stickers. He charged me $7 shipping for each item... each item was a sticker that fit in one envelope and was marked .85 cents when it arrived. He says I'm a liar, and offers for me to send them back at my cost, and he will reimburse me (yeah right) for the base price of each one minus the $7 each for shipping plus I would have had to pay a 25% restocking fee. This guy has a 1500 word disclaimer policy on products that he gets a high number of complaints about.

Avoid this lying, cheating, rude, power-hungry seller at all costs!!!
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Posted by grandma005 on 2007-04-11:
What is his username?
Posted by dfields on 2007-04-11:
i appreciate the post, however, if you knew this guy was a cheat (as you indicate) why the hell would you buy from him? i don't have sympathy for someone who does this. its your own fault you got ripped off!
Posted by Sarah May on 2007-04-18:
In response to dfields comment, I don't think meatball said he knew that the seller was a cheat. He said that it had been a while since his only transaction (I'm sorry I have to assume a gender here - I apologize if I'm wrong!) and that people are still getting ripped off.
Posted by meatball on 2007-04-30:
I guess I was at fault seeing as I was still kind of new to eBay, and hadn't been royally ripped off and disrespected at that point. So upon finding the item I THOUGHT I was going to get, I immediately used Buy-It-Now and sent payment the next morning. Even after reading his feedback before sending the payment, it seemed as if all the people that posted negatives were "feedback hijackers" as he called them, and that he was innocent. I didn't know any better, I think that shouldn't be the reason for me to lose my hard-earned money to a crook when eBay could easily put a stop to his bad practices. Well dfields, I posted the warning to hopefully keep people from going through what I did, because I have SYMPATHY for honest people!
Posted by Dzldoc on 2007-09-01:
Here's a tip, there's a button on every auction listing it's called "ASK SELLER A QUESTION" Before I consider buying/bidding on an item I ask ?'s then wait for a response. They're response will tell alot. Do they respond?
Is the response Professional? Timely? Make any sense? Ask questions before you bid/buy.

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