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Review by imjustasteph on 2007-04-12
When my boyfriend got his last phone bill, there was a $14.95 charge from a company we'd never heard of. MyiProducts. For voice mail. We have NEVER used any voice mail, except what is included with his (work) cell (which is paid for by his employer). So I called and inquired about the bill. (There was a phone number on the bill for that company.) I said we had never used any voice mail and that I wanted it removed. "Oh, yes ma'am. Here's a confirmation number for you." I said, "So that $14.95 will be taken off my bill?" "Nope. It isn't." I said, "It needs to be." "Sorry, I can't do that." I said, "Then connect me to someone who can."
New person: "Hi, Stephanie? How can I help you?"
"I'm calling for [boyfriend, since the phone is in his name]. I need you to remove this fraudulent charge from his bill."

"Actually, Stephanie, you are the one who signed up for it." She reads off my email address to 'prove' this. I insist I have never signed up with her company. The only thing I hate worse than phones is voice mail, and I would never sign up for any voice mail, at any price. I share this with her. She insists I have done so. I explain that it is clear to me her company is phishing information from other sites, or putting a false front on their service- claiming to be something other than what they are.

I go on to say that in fact the phone is not in my name, and since I am not authorized to affect it, I would never sign up for something to be charged to it. She goes "You placed a charge on an account that wasn't yours??!!" I say, "No ma'am, you did. I have never heard of your company." She says she has removed the charge (only since I'm not authorized to make changes on that account) but that it will take 2-3 billing cycles before the charge actually disappears. She also says she is going to email me a copy of the form I filled out. She doesn't offer a confirmation number, but gives me one when I ask. (Which tells me that if I hadn't asked, she either would not have filed it- maybe she still didn't, I won't know for a few months- or would have let it get misfiled or something. If there is a conf. #, it should be given without delay.)

I have since received the 'form' in my email, and I have never seen it before. I mean, duh, wherever she got my information from, she obviously slapped it into that form herself. Or at least her company did.

Argh I'm still so mad I want to scream. So forgive me if I'm less than perfectly coherent here, anger does that.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-12:
Wait...the phone's not in your name. Why isn't your boyfriend dealing with this himself?
Posted by Shakra on 2007-04-12:
I'd be looking at your boyfriend not the MyiProducts. If they filled out the form, then why would they send you a copy of it? They were trying to do you a favor by sending you the form so you could do your own investigating.

My sister was divorced for ten years and then found out that her ex had his current wife fill out an application form for a credit card under my sister's name. She found out when that wife divorced him.

Also, emt_c has a point. I have been married for 25 years and companies will not do business with me because the account is in his name only. Why would they even talk to you about getting a charge removed if the account is in his name?
Posted by imjustasteph on 2007-04-21:
I THINK the reason they'd remove the charge is that it was fraudulent to being with, um, duh?

My boyfriend is not computer literate. There is no way he filled out an online form (with my information, no less??).

They sent me a copy of an ONLINE form (big difference if it had been handwritten and signed) to 'prove' that I had filled it out. However I'm not dumb enough to be easily convinced I filled out a form for something I'd never ever buy to be billed to a phone bill me name isn't on.
Posted by imjustasteph on 2007-05-17:
Mark thanks so much for sharing! I KNEW they couldn't be on the up-and-up!
Posted by spike1234 on 2007-08-17:
There are 100's of complaints about these guys on the internet, but they continue to do business. I just rec'd my phone bill with the same charges. This appears that it might just be a scam.

Please file a complaint with the FTC, this is really important. Consumers have to stay on these guys to keep the dishonest under conntrol.

Posted by cfusilier on 2007-09-24:
This same thing happened to me this morning. I got a bill with these charges. I'm 19 years old and I still live at home. I don't control the phone bill but my mom said when she talked to them they said they were going to file fraudulent charges against me. This is not right.
Posted by consumer32100 on 2007-12-04:
Contact the Minnasota Attorney General. They got me a full refund for the 7 months Myiproducts, via ESBI, via AT&T was fraudulantly charging me 14.95/month.

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