Chevron Oil Stop Compliment - Great service - Oil change and beyond

Review by 39417 on 2007-04-13
FAIR OAKS, CALIFORNIA -- This company is located in Fair Oaks,CA. They are the best!It is a drive-thru oil change place. You pull in they tell you which stall to drive into,they ask you if you would like something to drink,and get started. They are so professional,its great to see that places still care about offering excellent customer service. They are very efficient, and truly care about you, and your automobile.I go every 3000 miles, or when I get a reminder card in the mail. So if you live in the Sacramento area check out Chevron Oil Stop for your oil change needs.
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Posted by MRM on 2007-04-13:
That is a great compliment on the Chevron review but I still prefer to change my own oil knowing that I did everything correctly. And also Im saving alot of money and time when I change my own oil.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-13:
I used to change my oil myself also,but know im too busy(lazy).lol
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-13:
You didn't mention the price, something that is important here. Also, what type of drinks? Something from the bar?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-13:
They offer a 32 point inspection,add fluids when low(at no extra cost)The price is around $32.50.The drinks they offer are water,coffee,soda.No alcohol sorry PWP.LOL
Posted by HondaCivic4DEx on 2007-04-22:
It is up for debate according to my nephew who is a car magazine journalist as to if additives and synthetic oil is actually better for one's vehicle. He chooses to use a normal multi-weight oil and he has set up an area so that he has even timed how long it takes him to do an oil change and has gotten it down to slightly under 10-minutes. I choose to use both an additive and pure synthetic. Including jacking up my car, putting stands under the car, and because I have improved my equipment, it takes me half an hour. Some people say that they cannot spare half an hour. I own a Honda Civic and I have been buying the oil change washer from the dealership not thinking that I might be able to get them from Kragen's as my nephew suggested I ask since the dealership has raised the price of each washer to 75 cents. Last year they raised it to 50 cents, and the previous years they cost me 25 cents. A Parts guy told me that half of the jobs they get are because oil change shops do not carry the washer that should be changed each time because it gets compressed so the next time it does not get compressed and might leak. The people have brought their car in for a new oil pan because the oil change shops kept using the same washer and torqued it well and eventually stripped the threads so they had to get a new oil pan. For me to do it myself with pure synthetic, it costs me the same as having a shop to it so more reason to do it myself. A Kragen's employee told me that if I am using synthetic oil, I am wasting my money on additives. On another visit, another employee said that he also uses synthetic but suggested a particular brand of additive that he is quite confident that it cleans his fuel injectors. My neighbor also uses an additive but I have not inquired if he uses synthetic or not but as a chemical engineer, he believes in gasoline additives a lot. A lot of opinions but for the cost of an additive on sale at each oil change and the issues I would have with an oil change shop, I'll stay with how I am doing it. I still have a couple of the dealer's washers, but I will check if Kragen's has them also.

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